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For the first three weeks, all I did was play Minecraft, without even worrying about the story. Just playing and immersing myself in that world and I knew if I did that, stories and ideas would start coming to me. I wound up with an idea for a character and things that would happen to him and it just went from there. That was really fun to do. Plus for the first month or so my wife would find me at 4 am, she’d be like “What are you doing? Are you playing Minecraft again?” and I’d be able to say “I’m working!” And it was actually true, it was great!

Jason Fry, author of Minecraft: The Voyage[1]

Minecraft: The Voyage is the fifth Minecraft novel. It is authored by Jason Fry and was published by Del Rey Books on May 5, 2020.[2] An audiobook was released the same day, with narration provided by Euan Morton.[2]


Stax Stonecutter has lived a peaceful—if unremarkable—life in his small town in the Overworld. The son of great adventurers and wise builders, Stax prefers an easier life. He loves to tend to his gardens and play with his cats all day, rather than venturing out to explore the surrounding lands. It’s quiet on his estate, even lonely sometimes, but it suits Stax well enough.

His solitude is shattered when a mysterious stranger arrives with a band of merciless raiders. In one terrible night, Stax’s old life is taken from him, and he is left stranded in the middle of nowhere, angry and alone. He’s never left home, and now he knows why: everything beyond the boundaries of his little town is scary and dangerous! But as he begins his long journey back, Stax encounters fascinating travelers who show him that there’s more to the Overworld than marauding pirates and frightening mobs; there are beautiful lands to explore, fantastical contraptions to build, and new friends to meet. It may have taken losing everything he once knew, but on his adventure Stax finds something more valuable than all the diamonds in the Overworld: a whole wonderful world that’s just waiting to be explored.


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