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"The Village" redirects here. For the generated structure in Minecraft, see Village.

Minecraft: The Village is the upcoming sixteenth Minecraft novel, and the third to be authored by Max Brooks. A sequel to Minecraft: The Mountain, it is slated to be published by Random House Worlds on October 17, 2023.[1] An audiobook is slated to be released the same day.[1]


Journeying into the unknown is a scary prospect, but together Guy and Summer can navigate any challenge. The two castaways strike out in this curious, blocky world, searching for a way home. As they cross the Overworld—traversing frozen wastelands and scorching deserts—the pair makes an exciting discovery: a community populated by villagers!

Guy and Summer settle in to learn more about their new friends, trading with the residents and exploring the surrounding area as they work out the next steps in their voyage. But with monstrous mobs and perilous pitfalls around every corner, they soon find that they might be needed here more than they’d thought.

When a villager disappears, their investigation uncovers new foes—ones so powerful that this might spell the end of their adventure. Drawing on the lessons they’ve learned along the way, Guy and Summer must work together to protect the village.[1]