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You know, I imagined there’d be a sequel as I wrote it, because I figured that learning how to live with yourself is just the first part of growth. But writing The Island was actually a lot tougher than The Mountain. I must have done ten rewrites because the character was initially a Robinson Crusoe, and I wrote my first draft in the voice of Daniel Defoe, which is very dry and boring! (Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe in 1719!) I had to figure out a way of writing someone alone on an island with their thoughts, and so I invented Guy's animal friends – all the conversations with Moo are basically his thoughts projected onto this cow. The Mountain was a lot easier because I could have the back and forth of real conversation!

Max Brooks on Minecraft: The Mountain[1]

Minecraft: The Mountain is the seventh Minecraft novel, and the second to be authored by Max Brooks. A sequel to Minecraft: The Island, it was published by Del Rey Books on March 2, 2021.[2] An audiobook was released the same day, with narration provided by Sean Astin.[2] There is also an official free adventure map for Bedrock Edition, made by Blockception, which uses the book as inspiration (available here).[1]

A sequel, Minecraft: The Village, is slated to be released on October 17, 2023.


Wandering a vast, icy tundra, the explorer has never felt more alone. Is there anything out here? Did I do the right thing by leaving the safety of my island? Should I give up and go back? So many questions, and no time to ponder—not when dark is falling and dangerous mobs are on the horizon.

Gurgling zombies and snarling wolves lurk in the night, and they’re closing in. With nowhere to hide, the lone traveler flees up a mountain, trapped and out of options... until a mysterious figure arrives, fighting off the horde singlehandedly. The unexpected savior is Summer, a fellow castaway and master of survival in these frozen wastes.

Excited to find another person in this strange, blocky world, the explorer teams up with Summer, whose impressive mountain fortress as a safe haven... for now. But teamwork is a new skill for two people used to working alone. If they want to make it home, they will have to learn to work together—or risk losing everything.[2]


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft: The Mountain that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

Introduction and Chapters 1–5

Chapters 6–11

Chapters 12–17

Chapters 18–22, Epilogue, and What We Have Learned from the World of Minecraft




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