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I’ve been playing Minecraft for over three years now, and I’ve always been fascinated with how deep the game goes. On the surface, it seems pretty simple. You mine. You craft. You fight some zombies. But then you start discovering all the little secrets and nooks and crannies and tricks and OTHER DIMENSIONS?!?!?! That means there’s so much built-in lore to draw from when writing a story, which is great. (Like dragon eggs!) But all the mechanics can be a lot to keep up with, too. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent staring at potion recipes...

Nicky Drayden, author of Minecraft: The Dragon[1]

Minecraft: The Dragon is the eighth Minecraft novel. It was authored by Nicky Drayden and was published by Del Rey Books on July 6, 2021.[2] An audiobook was released the same day, with narration provided by Nicole Lewis.[2]


Zetta is the best potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. Okay, maybe she’s the only potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. And maybe her potions don’t exactly work like they’re supposed to all the time. But when her village is menaced by a pack of illagers, only Zetta can see that the traditional ways won’t keep Sienna Dunes safe anymore.

Zetta journeys to her eccentric aunt’s workshop outside town to search for an answer and finds a lot more than she bargained for. A mysterious egg hatches into a scaly creature with purple eyes, black wings, and poisonous breath. It can’t possibly be the mythical ender dragon... can it? And if it is, can Zetta raise it to be the savior her village needs?

The threat of the illagers is growing fast, and Zetta’s accidental dragon is growing even faster. With the help of her two best friends and her daydreaming little cousin, Zetta must train the scariest (and scaliest) baby in the Overworld. But when the dragon is fully grown, will it save Sienna Dunes? Or will it spell the village’s end?[2]


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Chapters 1–8

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