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Minecraft: Stonesword Saga

Nick Eliopulos


Alan Batson
Chris Hill

Audio read by

Keylor Leigh


United States




Children's fiction

Set in



Random House Children's Books

Publication date

May 25, 2021 – present

Media type

Print, Digital

Preceded by

Minecraft: Woodsword Chronicles

Minecraft: Stonesword Saga is an ongoing series of children's books written by Nick Eliopulos and illustrated by Alan Batson and Chris Hill.

Stonesword Saga books[]

# Title Published Audio read by Pages Plot Synopsis
1 Crack in the Code! May 25, 2021[1] Keylor Leigh 144 Someone–or something–has turned the Evoker King to stone. And now a new player, Theo, has joined the team on their quest to return their former enemy to normal. Theo’s [sic] has coding skills that could come in handy, but does he have what it takes to be part of the team, or will his meddling put a crack in the game code that none of them will survive?
2 Mobs Rule! January 4, 2022[2] Something has turned the Evoker King to stone, and elements of his code have turned into new and terrible bosses that threaten the digital world of Minecraft. Now Po, Harper, and their friends must travel deep into underground and into a web of danger to face the one of them. [sic] But that’s the easy part, because in the real world, Po decides to run for class president and before he knows it, the ground feels like it is opening under his feet and his popularity is about to plummet!
3 New Pets on the Block June 28, 2022[3] Everyone knows that Jodi, the youngest member of the team, loves animals in the real world and in Minecraft. She is also fiercely loyal to her friend the Evoker King, who has, very unfortunately, been shattered into six different hostile mobs. When the third piece of the Evoker King takes the form of a Minecraft witch and sends Jodi and her friends on a quest to bring back an extremely rare animal mob, Jodi is determined to make sure that the mob stays safe no matter what! Meanwhile, in the real world, she also learns that taking care of other living creatures is a much bigger responsibility than she ever imagined.
4 To Bee, Or Not to Bee! January 3, 2023[4]
Harper and her friends tackle a real-life ecological crisis. The bees around their school and the Stonesword Library are disappearing—and a splinter of the Evoker King has taken on the form of a bee colony with a hive mind! Could there be a connection with the rip they’ve seen growing bigger and darker in the Minecraft sky? And will their actions make things better or worse?


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Crack in the Code![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–6

Chapters 7–12

Mobs Rule![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7

Chapters 8–16

New Pets on the Block[]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7