Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition (also known as Minecraft: PS4 Edition) is the official PlayStation 4 port of Minecraft being developed by 4J Studios for Mojang.

This is the only version of the Legacy Console Edition that is still updated.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition was announced at Sony's exhibit at Gamescom 2013. It was released on September 4, 2014.

At the time of Bedrock Edition's release, Sony disallowed cross-play for PlayStation. As of 2018, Sony has allowed cross-play for a couple of games, but Minecraft is not one of them. However, partial code exists in Bedrock Edition for PlayStation support.


The game is similar to the PS3 Edition but supports the enhancements offered by the PS4 (increased view distance; Small, Medium, and Large worlds; and DualShock 4 touchpad support). Worlds made on the PS3 or PS Vita editions can also be transferred onto this edition, which allows players to expand the world size of a classic-sized world.


As of 2018, there are numerous skin packs, texture packs, and mash-up packs. Texture packs include Steampunk, Pattern, Fantasy, Cartoon, Plastic, City, Natural, and Candy. As for skin packs, there are several spanning different genres of TV, movies, and video games including The Simpsons, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Final Fantasy XV, Moana, and Stranger Things as well as several original skin packs. The mash-up packs (which include the skin pack, texture pack, and a special themed world to explore) include Festive, Halloween, Skyrim, Mass Effect, LittleBigPlanet, Egyptian Mythology, Norse Mythology, and Greek Mythology. Mini-Games have also been implemented into the PlayStation 4 Edition, allowing players to compete online in many different styles of competition on several different maps made by the developers. There are Battle Mini-Games and Glide Mini-Games.


The tutorial spawns a player near an unfinished house that they need to complete in the tutorial. They have to follow all the steps in the tutorial in order to be given the rest of the seed. A player can also choose to skip it. After the tutorial, a player can then go into an area that gives them examples of Trading, breeding, enchanting, ender chest, redstone use, homes, and more. There is also a small castle that can light up if a player can fix it. There is a nearby village that is incorrect as well as a ship with a Creeper face on it in the distance.

As of the recent update to include horses, the tutorial level has been changed. It is now the same as the PlayStation Vita tutorial.


Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition and all other PlayStation editions of Minecraft do not currently use the cross-platform feature, disallowing cross-platform play. No explanation has been given regarding Sony's decision.

As of December 9, 2019, the PlayStation 4 Edition is expected to get cross-platform support and become part of the Bedrock Edition.[1][2]



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