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Minecraft: Nether Update
(Original Game Soundtrack)
EP by

Lena Raine


June 14, 2020


Ambient, dubstep



Available as

Digital download



"Minecraft: Nether Update" redirects here. For the version, see Nether Update.

Minecraft: Nether Update (Original Game Soundtrack) is the first soundtrack for Minecraft by Lena Raine, who was chosen as a new composer for the game specifically for the Nether Update. It was released on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube Music on June 14th, 2020.

The album includes 5 songs for a total length of about 20 minutes. It features all of the new tracks created for the Nether Update biomes, as well as two versions of her Pigstep Music Disc track.

Track listing[]

No. Title Filename in Minecraft Length Track Description
1. "Chrysopoeia" chrysopoeia.ogg 5:03 This song may play in crimson forests.
2. "Rubedo" rubedo.ogg 5:12 This song may play in nether wastes.
3. "So Below" so_below.ogg 5:19 This song may play in soul sand valleys and basalt deltas.
4. "Pigstep - Mono Mix" pigstep.ogg‌[JE only]
pigstep_master.ogg‌[BE only]
2:28 The version of Pigstep used in-game. It is monophonic, meaning only one output is required to hear the full sound and additional outputs (such as a left and right headphone) will play the exact same sounds.
5. "Pigstep - Stereo Mix" 2:30 The original version of Pigstep, before being downmixed.[1] It is stereophonic, meaning the left and right audio channels will play slightly different sounds to give a sense of direction to different sounds.


Song name meanings[]

  • "Chrysopoeia" comes from Greek, and it denotes transmutation into gold, and from that to the philosopher’s stone. It’s generally accompanied with the image of the serpent eating its own tail, with the phrase “All is one” generally accompanied. By Minecraft terms, this both is representative the Piglins and their gold craze. It also can be inferred to mean the player and their seeming immortality by way of beds and respawn anchors.
  • "Rubedo" is a Latin word meaning "redness" It’s the final stage of transmutation in alchemy, where the metal takes on a “redness.” The symbolism is pretty immediately evident. The Nether Wastes are red and contains gold.
  • "So Below" is from a Judea-Christian term relating to the concept that whatever happens within the holy temple is indicative of whatever happens in Heaven. The full saying is “As above, so below”, and it’s a clear perversion of holy language to emphasize that the Nether is like a hell.[2]



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