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This article is about the upcoming novel. For the generated structure, see Ancient City.

Minecraft: Journey to the Ancient City is the upcoming eighteenth Minecraft novel. It is authored by Danny Lore and is slated to be published by Random House Worlds on March 5, 2024.[1]


Opal has almost done it all—fighting monsters, protecting people from pillagers, and even defeating the legendary Ender Dragon! But that’s all in the past. Now, Opal has hung up their adventuring hat and is living the life of a happy creafter [sic], far more likely to build you a bed than fight a Wither. In fact, Opal has decided that their time is best spent building their Dream Manor outside the very village that displays the Ender Dragon Skull they brought back from the End!

Meanwhile, Opal’s sister, Lisa, is only at the beginning of her journey. She’s ready to be a hero. Just ask her. Or don’t. She’ll tell you anyway. She knows every single story ever told about her sibling, and probably a few other heroes as well. She admires Opal immensely, always has. But now it’s her turn to have an adventure.

And that adventure might be bigger than she could ever have imagined. One day, a traveling adventure named Braun arrives in town, claiming to know how to defeat a Warden—a fearsome mob that not even Opal has bested. Lisa jumps at the chance to join Braun on his epic quest, and Opal reluctantly agrees to accompany the duo—only to protect their sister, of course. But along the way, Opal might just rediscover their love of adventure, and realize that it’s even more fun when someone else is there to share in the story...[1]