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Bedrock Edition is a version of Minecraft that has been adapted for multiple platforms, and developed by Mojang AB, Xbox Game Studios, 4J Studios, and SkyBox Labs. As of the Better Together Update, this also includes the Pocket Edition (for all mobile platforms), Windows 10 Edition, Gear VR Edition, Fire TV Edition, Xbox One Edition, and Nintendo Switch Edition. It previously included the Apple TV Edition until its discontinuation and removal from the App Store and Apple TV devices in August 2017.

Minecraft, with no subtitle, is the title of all Bedrock editions, regardless of platform.


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A video of an early prototype was released on Twitter, showing the game on the Xperia PLAY. The Alpha version was later released, and was released for different platforms on October 7, 2011. A version for iOS devices was released on November 17, 2011.

Similarities and Differences (Java and Bedrock)

Similarities Differences
Both have most new 1.13 features. Bedrock has less lag than Java.
Both available on Windows.

Bedrock does not have new combat features, (no shields/sword blocking, no attack cool-down, can only hold specific items in off hand (maps, arrows, totems of undying)).

Can have resource packs. Bedrock has the ability to connect to other devices with Xbox live, this includes PE, Xbox, Switch etc.
Both are official Minecraft games. Bedrock has easier access to cheats (are switches in the menu) and has the Education Edition pre-installed.
Both can access servers and multiplayer/LAN. On Java (and to a lesser extent, the mobile and Windows 10 versions of Bedrock), resource packs are (mostly) free and can be downloaded from unofffcial, community-run websties. But on the console editions of Bedrock, you can only get them from the in-game store, and thus, they cost Minecraft coins.
Both are able to download worlds (copy). Java can have mods whereas Bedrock cannot. However, bedrock can have add-ons unlike Java.
Both (on the world menu) use world BARS with the name, version, and a picture, however, Bedrock updates the picture whereas Java does not. Bedrock has the paper doll in the top left corner of the screen, like the Playstation editions and Xbox editions. It can also have coordinates under the doll if a player turns it on in the world options.
Players are unable to take an in-game screenshot in Bedrock. Although players are able to do the shortcut (Windows key+PrtScr) to take a full screenshot, or can use the snipping tool.
Both have some of the same game modes. The only difference in that is that modes like hardcore and spectator are not available on Bedrock.
The commands have some common functions. In Java, the command format is different, for example players can locate an igloo respectively on Java. In Bedrock, players can't locate igloos, and it still has no command flattening, yet.
Players can access versions before everyone else gets it The beta versions on Bedrock are only on Windows 10, Xbox One and Android