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The meadow is an elevated grassy mountain slope biome filled with patches of flowers and turquoise-green grass and tall grass, where sheep, donkeys and rabbits spawn.


The meadow biome is a high altitude counterpart to the plains biome. All small flowers generate except blue orchids, tulips, lilies of the valley or wither roses. Rarely, a lone oak or birch tree of any size can generate and always has a bee nest. Both pillager outposts and plains villages can generate in this biome, making this the only mountain biome where villages can generate. In Java Edition, unlike most overworld biomes, sugar canes and pumpkin patches cannot generate here.

Just like other mountain biomes, emerald ores can be found in meadows, especially at higher altitudes, and both coal and iron ores are commonly found here. Infested block blobs also naturally generate in meadows.

This biome usually generates in the lower sides of some mountains but can also generate standalone in plateaus, mainly next to plains and separated from cherry groves, regular forests, regular birch forest, or regular taigas by rivers.

The following mobs are naturally spawned here:

In Java Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1005154
Zombie Villager55151
Ambient category
Creature category
Underground water creature category
Glow Squid14–6
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.
In Bedrock Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1004951
Zombie Villager54952–4
Creature category
Glow Squid10152–4
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.



in Minecraft
Gameplay Soundtrack Title Soundtrack Track preview Weight
hal1.ogg The Overworld "Subwoofer Lullaby" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 3 1
hal2.ogg The Overworld "Living Mice" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 5 1
hal3.ogg The Overworld "Haggstrom" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 7 1
hal4.ogg The Overworld "Danny" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 21 1
left_to_bloom.ogg Lush Caves, Meadow, the Overworld, and Menu screen "Left to Bloom" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 4 File:Left to bloom.ogg 2
one_more_day.ogg Lush Caves, Meadow, Snowy Slopes, Frozen Peaks, the Overworld, and Menu screen "One More Day" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 6 File:One more day.ogg 1

Data values[]

Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID
[No displayed name]meadow186


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Sound of MusicMake the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a jukebox.Use a music disc on a jukebox in the Meadow biome.10GBronze


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-plain-rawSound of Music
Make the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a Jukebox Sweet DreamsWhile in a meadow biome, place down a jukebox and use a music disc on it.adventure/play_jukebox_in_meadows


September 28, 2019During MINECON Live 2019, the mountains won the community biome vote; additions were improved terrain generation, powder snow, and goats.
October 3, 2020The Caves & Cliffs update was announced at Minecraft Live 2020, showing a sneak peek at goats and the new mountain generation.
Java Edition
1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Added the meadow biome. Currently, blue orchids generate on meadows.
experimental snapshot 2Blue orchids no longer spawn in meadows.
Oaks and Birches can now have a small chance of generating in meadows, oftentimes with a bee nest on them.
experimental snapshot 3Meadows are less likely to generate in flat, low elevation areas.
Pillager outposts now generate in all the new mountain biomes.
Villages now generate in mountain meadows.
21w39aTrees in mountain meadows now always contain a bee nest.
21w41aThe sky color of meadows changes from
1.2023w17a"A Familiar Room" can now be played in meadows.
Bedrock Edition
Caves & Cliffs (experimental)beta the meadow biome.
beta mobs can now spawn in the meadow biome.
beta now generate in meadows.
Meadows now spawn a lone oak or birch tree, often with bee nests.
Rabbits can now spawn in meadows.
Donkeys and sheeps can now spawn in the meadow biome.
1.18.0beta meadow biome can now generate by default without enabling experimental gameplay.
beta the biome ID to meadow from mountain_meadow.
Education Edition
1.18.321.18.10.04Added the meadow biome.


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