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Markus Toivonen
Real name

Markus Toivonen

Date of birth

June 5[1]


Creative director

Known for

Hiding his identity
Creating Mojang avatars[2][3]
Designing the Minecraft logo[4]

Reddit name


Twitter name


if you wonder why no one has ever seen @jnkboy's face, it's cause he has no face

Mattis Grahm[5]

I tried to look at @jnkboy's face, but I woke up in the gutter covered in blood. Not doing that again!

Ryan Holtz[6]

Markus 'Junkboy' Toivonen is a creative director for Mojang Studios. He can be followed on Twitter and he has a DeviantArt account.

He is quite secretive about his identity, and has only appeared on video as a blue-haired pixelated face.[7] In the Scrolls documentary, his face is blurred, but can be made out as bald.[8] Junkboy's name also appears in Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Bedrock Editions as "No one at Mojang has ever seen Junkboy's face." while on the world loading screen.