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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 
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The specific instructions are: PS4 tokens

The Minecraft Marketplace menu in Bedrock Edition.

The Marketplace (Minecraft Store on PlayStation 4) is an in-game store, where players can purchase access to skins, textures and worlds[1] from community creators, who in turn get reimbursed for their creations. Players can access these by spending Minecoins (or Tokens on PlayStation 4), which can be bought with their own currency, or bought directly.

Cost of Minecoins[]

Note: Pricing is the same for Tokens on PlayStation 4. (Tax and Fees are subject to change by country and area.)

  • 320 MCoin.png for $1.99 USD
  • 1,020 MCoin.png for $5.99 USD
  • 1,720 MCoin.png for $9.99 USD
  • 1,980 MCoin.png for $10.99 USD
  • 3,500 MCoin.png for $19.99 USD
  • 8,800 MCoin.png for $49.99 USD


Pocket Edition
April 10, 2017Marketplace announced.
1.1.0alpha added.
1.1.5Moved all Marketplace related modules into a separate library.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta an option to buy 3500 coins for $19.99 USD.
1.2.0Part of the sales content of Xbox One Marketplace are now offered in the Marketplace as Xbox One Edition has now become part of Bedrock Edition.[2]
1.2.5beta a 5-star content rating system to the Marketplace.
beta an option to buy 8800 coins for $49.99 USD.
1.2.13beta search functionality to the Marketplace.
1.4.0beta an inventory section to allow the player to manage their acquired content.
Added sorting and filtering to the Marketplace
1.7.0beta purchased content, searching, and going home from the top of the Marketplace screen has been made easier.
1.8.0beta player can now send links to Marketplace content using the share button.
Content can now be sorted by 'Updates available' in the Marketplace inventory.
Content can now be sorted and filtered by rating.
1.16.0beta have been some small changes to the downloads.
1.16.200beta various UI elements to communicate ray tracing capabilities in the Marketplace (Windows 10 Only).
Resource packs in the Marketplace are now aware of ray tracing capabilities and will display a label indicating support in the UI.
Attempting to purchase and/or download a resource pack that requires ray tracing will notify the user of a purchasing error when that user does not have the required min-spec hardware.


  • Before the Minecraft Marketplace was introduced, real money was used to buy the in-game Texture Packs and Skins. When Mojang did it this way, all of the content had to pass certification on every single platform. The Marketplace and Minecoins were introduced to avoid this.[citation needed]
  • Any packs that were bought before the Marketplace was introduced read "Owned (P)" instead of "Owned".
  • On PlayStation 4, Tokens are used instead of Minecoins and do not transfer to or from other platforms.[3] They are light, matte blue and have a large T in the middle instead of an M.