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Mangrove trees are found in mangrove swamps, in which they can grow on water or land. They have large canopies and aerial root systems. Their wood color is vermillion. They can be planted in the air, but their roots always touch the ground.

Blocks and items[]

These items can be obtained from mangrove:


Mangrove floating in air by block

A mangrove in air, held by a single grass block.

Mangrove propagules can be planted and grown on all of these blocks, even if submerged underwater:

When mangrove trees grow, they convert any mud in the way of the mangrove roots to muddy mangrove roots. They need at least a 5×5 of clear space to grow in. Their maximum size blueprint occupies a 13×13×18 volume.


Java Edition
1.1922w14aAdded mangrove trees.
Bedrock Edition
1.19.0beta mangrove trees.


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