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The mace is a slow melee weapon crafted with a breeze rod and a heavy core that is used to deal damage to entities, along with its unique new damage mechanic.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Heavy Core + Breeze Rod



Ingredients Grinding recipe
2x Damaged Mace

Unit Repair[]

A mace can be repaired using Breeze Rods.

Repair & NameMace



Pressing attack while holding a mace inflicts damage on both mobs and other players. Upon damaging a mob or player, the the mace's durability decreases by 1.

If the player hits a mob while falling more than 2 blocks, it deals significantly more damage depending on the distance fallen. Attacks with this new mechanic also deal knockback to the mobs in a small radius. This is called a "smash attack."


The mace has an attack speed of 0.6 and takes 2 seconds to recover. It deals 6♥♥♥ on Java Edition and 5♥♥♥ on Bedrock Edition, but it also depends on the distance the player has fallen before damaging the mob.

The damage dealt with the mace is boosted 5+ damage for every block fallen after the first. A one block fall only counts as a regular critical hit, and does not boost the mace's damage. The damage boost from fall height does not have a limit, and it is even possible to kill a warden in 1 hit. As a result, the mace is, situationally, the strongest weapon in the game. For context, the warden has 500♥ × 250; in order to deal sufficient damage to kill the warden, the the player would need to fall a distance of 99 blocks. 10♥♥♥♥♥ from the critical hit damage for the first block fallen, and 490♥ × 245 additional damage from the other 98.

Also, due to how armor in java edition works by decreasing the percentage the attack is reduced by doing more damage in one hit, it only takes a fall from 17 blocks from the mace to kill a full Protection IV netherite player in Java edition in one hit. For more info, go to the Armor toughness section of Armors.


With wind charges in the off-hand, and a mace in the main hand, a player can right click and jump to launch themselves upwards, and then hit while falling for a lot of damage.

If the player hits a mob while falling, the the fall damage is negated and the player takes no fall damage. Attacking mobs from high places by jumping onto them is a risky move as it can kill the player if they miss their shot, but also deals much more damage.

A mace enchanted with Breach at its highest level can ignore over half of the damage reduction from armor, but the enchantment is only really helpful on the mace when fighting other players, as it isn't too often that mobs spawn with equipped armor only a handful of mobs spawn naturally with armor points. Density is the better enchantment choice to go for for someone who doesn't plan on fighting other players. Its ability to deal even more damage for each block fallen makes it even more powerful when paired with wind charges or when jumping from a high place.


The mace has eight possible enchantments: Density, Breach, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Wind Burst, Fire Aspect, Mending, and Unbreaking. Density, Breach, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods are mutually exclusive, meaning that you can only have one of the four on a mace.

Unique Enchantments[]

The mace has three unique enchantments.


Increases the the extra damage dealt by the mace for each block fallen by 0.5 per level, having a total of 5 levels.


Bypasses 15% of the damage reduction from armor per level. Has a total of 4 levels.

Wind Burst[]

Launches the the user up into the air seven blocks per level after using a smash attack with the mace. Has a total of 3 levels and can only be obtained from ominous vaults.