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MINECON 2015 was held in London, England at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre from July 4 to 5.[1] The Combat Update was showcased during the event.


On March 30, 2014, it had originally been announced that the next MINECON would take place somewhere in Europe.

Since Mojang was busy developing the next Minecraft version, Java Edition 1.8, news updates for the next MINECON were silently on hold.
Official announcements were never heard of until 5 months later, when the predicted date and location was announced on Mojang's site.
It was confirmed that MINECON would not be held in 2014, instead it was moved to Spring 2015, and was held in London.[2]

Mojang revealed on February 2 the details for MINECON 2015, confirming that MINECON would be held in ExCel London Exhibition and Conference Centre on July 4–5, 2015.[3] They also mentioned that tickets and discounted hotel bookings would be available for sale later in February.

On March 18, 2015 the MINECON Website was updated to contain a countdown till tickets went on sale. The ExCeL London page was also published.


ExCeL London
Location of ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre: Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom[4]
Location within ExCeL London for MINECON 2015 is the North and South Event Halls and the recommended entrance is The West Entrance (Custom House)[1]


On March 18, 2015, Mojang announced that tickets would be on sale on Friday March 27 and Saturday March 28, respectively.[5] The tickets were released in two batches,[4] each selling 5,000 tickets at £129 ($190 USD) a piece (10,000 tickets in total).[5] Attendees were also given discounted hotel bookings.[6]


One: March 27, 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM EDT) (Sold out within 3 minutes[7])

Two: March 28, 5:00 AM PDT (8:00 EDT)


In 2015, MINECON had an offical guidebook stated by Dinnerbone.[8]


Videos can be found here.


MINECON 2015 Cape

Steve with the 2015 cape.

People who visited MINECON 2015 received an e-mail with a code they could use to add a cape to a Minecraft account (Java only).

Console Edition and Pocket Edition players received a free skin pack.

It was available for a limited time, from July 1 until July 15, 2015. It had 8 skins to choose from.

The pack is now hidden and costs 1000000 Minecoins in the Marketplace.[9]


See also[]

Minecraft Merchandise - An exclusive mini-figure was released at this MINECON.


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