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A lush cave is a temperate Overworld cave biome that has a unique fauna and flora and is found underground below azalea trees and also occasionally below Bamboo Jungles in Bedrock Edition.


Lush caves generate underground at any altitude. They favor generating underneath biomes with high humidity values, which makes them most commonly found beneath dark forests, jungles, old growth taigas, wooded badlands and sometimes, windswept forests. Dark forests, old growth taigas and bamboo jungles, in particular, are almost guaranteed to have lush caves generate below them, unless the lush caves are overwritten by dripstone caves. It is not possible for lush caves to generate beneath forests and grassland biomes like plains and savanna as they are not humid enough. Lush caves can sometimes generate beneath oceans and deserts, and are the only one of the three underground biomes capable of generating beneath oceans.

Azalea trees generate on any empty space above a lush cave, with roots consisting of rooted dirt and hanging roots that generate down until reaching the lush cave. This is most common at the surface, but they can sometimes generate inside caves if there is enough room.

Underground, moss and ores covers the floors and ceilings, along with moss carpets, grass and azalea bushes on the floors. On the ceiling, vines and cave vines with glow berries grow down and light up the caves, and spore blossoms grow from the ceiling and drip water particles. A lush cave contains springs and shallow lakes with clay where dripleaf plants grow out of them. Sometimes these lakes generate dry.

Players cannot spawn in a lush caves biome during the world generation.

Bats, glow squid, tropical fish, and axolotls are the only passive mobs that spawn, with the latter being exclusive to the biome. While hostile mobs can spawn throughout the biome, many areas have a light level greater than 0 due to the pervasive glow berries. Most hostile mobs are therefore found in large caverns more than 10 blocks high and near borders with other cave biomes.

Lush caves contain copious amount of clay, around couple of thousand blocks.

The following mobs are naturally spawned here:

In Java Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1005154
Zombie Villager55151
Water ambient category
Tropical Fish18
Underground water creature category
Glow Squid14–6
Axolotl category
Ambient category
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.
In Bedrock Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1004951
Zombie Villager54952–4
Creature category
Glow Squid12–4
Water creature category
Tropical Fish[note 2]751103–5
Tropical Fish[note 2]251101–3
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.
  2. a b Tropical fish are spawned twice.



These music tracks play while the player is in the Lush Caves.

in Minecraft
Gameplay Soundtrack Title Soundtrack Track preview Weight
piano3.ogg The Overworld "Mice on Venus" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 11 2
calm1.ogg The Overworld "Minecraft" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 8 2
calm2.ogg The Overworld "Clark" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 14 2
calm3.ogg The Overworld "Sweden" Minecraft - Volume Alpha No. 18 2
left_to_bloom.ogg Lush Caves, Meadow, Cherry Grove, the Overworld, and Menu screen "Left to Bloom" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 4 File:Left to bloom.ogg 4
one_more_day.ogg Lush Caves, Meadow, Snowy Slopes, Frozen Peaks, the Overworld, and Menu screen "One More Day" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 6 File:One more day.ogg 2
floating_dream.ogg Lush Caves, Jagged Peaks, and the Overworld "Floating Dream" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 8 File:Floating dream.ogg 2
an_ordinary_day.ogg Lush Caves, Snowy Slopes, and Dripstone Caves "An ordinary day" Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 10 File:An ordinary day.ogg 2
aerie.ogg Lush Caves, Forest, Dark Forest, Birch Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Old Growth Taiga "Aerie" Minecraft: The Wild Update (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 2 File:Aerie.ogg 1
firebugs.ogg Lush Caves, Forest, Dark Forest, Birch Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Old Growth Taiga "Firebugs" Minecraft: The Wild Update (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 1 File:Firebugs.ogg 1
labyrinthine.ogg Lush Caves, Forest, Dark Forest, Birch Forest, Jungle, Swamp, Old Growth Taiga "Labyrinthine" Minecraft: The Wild Update (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 3 File:Labyrinthine.ogg 1
echo_in_the_wind.ogg Badlands, Cherry Grove, Flower Forest, Lush Caves, and Main menu "Echo in the Wind" Minecraft: Trails & Tales (Original Game Soundtrack) No. 1 File:Echo in the Wind.ogg

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key
Lush Caveslush_cavesbiome.minecraft.lush_caves

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID
[No displayed name]lush_caves187


October 3, 2020The lush caves biome is shown at Minecraft Live 2020.
November 27, 2020Agnes Larsson shows a prototype of lush caves in which calcite can be seen.
March 9, 2021Agnes Larsson tweaked some values for the lush caves.
Java Edition
1.1721w10aAdded the lush caves. Ambient cave noises are not played in this biome yet.
Currently the biome is accessible only in buffet or custom world type.
21w11aReduced the amount of floating water in lush caves.
March 22, 2021Henrik Kniberg shows the natural generation of lush caves.
1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Lush caves now generate naturally.
experimental snapshot 2Lush caves are now slightly smaller and slightly less common.
experimental snapshot 5Lush cave biomes were unintentionally made smaller and more fragmented.[1]
experimental snapshot 6Lush cave generation has been fixed.
21w40aTropical fish now spawn in lush caves.
1.2023w17a"A Familiar Room" and "Echo in the Wind" can now be played in lush caves.
Bedrock Edition
Caves & Cliffs (experimental)beta the lush caves. They don't naturally generate yet and are accessible only through add-ons.
beta now generate in lush caves.
beta caves now generate throughout the Overworld behind experimental gameplay toggle.
beta caves can now generate below Y=0 to Y=-64.
beta now generate inside of lush caves instead of above them on the surface.[2]
1.18.0beta caves can now generate naturally by default, and no longer have to be enabled with experimental gameplay toggle.
beta fish now spawn in lush caves.


Issues relating to "Lush Caves" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • The Swedish painter John Bauer was one of the main inspirations behind the design and idea of the lush caves biome, specifically Bauer's 'Oskuldens Vandring' (Innocent's Journey) painting.[3]
  • A seed in the seed selecter(bedrock edition)bamboo forest has a beautiful lush cave somewhere.


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