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The Minecraft logo is used in its many forms to represent its franchise and the game.


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The base Minecraft game logo is 3D text containing "MINECRAFT", rotated slightly upward. It appears to be made of cracked stone, and the letter A has the face of a creeper as a hole. Several variations exist, also containing 3D text though not always with the stone material.



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Historical changes[]

Minecraft's first logo was originally showcased only at Notch's personal blog The Word of Notch. It was designed as the word "MINECRAFT" begin formed with cobblestone blocks.

An updated version of the previous logo was first seen on the official website on May 22, 2009 and it would later be used in-game when the phase of Indev (v0.31) started on December 23. Changes include that the logo was made brighter and a shadow was added to it. It could be seen only at the menu screen against a wall made of dirt. It was later used in Infdev and early Alpha versions.

In Alpha 1.0.4, the texture of the blocks were changed from cobblestone to stone. An animation was also added where the stone blocks would fall to the wall forming the word "Minecraft" (this feature along with the logo was removed in Beta 1.4).

Mojang unveiled Minecraft's most well known logo in Beta 1.4, the previous design was replaced with a hand drawn stone-like lettering, in which the iconic face of the "Creeper" was added to the "A".

The logo was slightly retouched in Beta 1.8, some of the reflections of the letters were a bit decreased. This is the design that would later be used for the full release of the game (v1.0.0) on November 18, 2011 and also seen in merchandise and other media.

In 2017, the PC version of Minecraft was renamed as the Java Edition to separate it from Bedrock Edition, which was renamed to just Minecraft by the Better Together Update. This logo was introduced in version 1.12.2 and while most versions of Minecraft uses the main design that was established since 2015, Java Edition kept using the original with the addition of the "Java Edition" subtitle.

The logo was modified in version 1.16, the gray tone of the letters was made lighter and thick outline was added around them.

On August 31, 2021 one of Mojang's workers Ined officially announced on his Twitter account that this logo would begin to be used for the franchise while the detailed one would be still be used for the game itself (until it gets replaced with the one below). This change took effect on Minecraft's official website. The logo itself looks similar to the one above but with minor changes like the outline is thicker, the reflections in the letters were removed and the creeper face in the "A" was slightly altered.[1]


Java Edition Classic
May 17, 2009Minecraft logo 1.png Showed the first logo of the game with the title Minecraft in the post on The Word of Notch. Never used anywhere else.
May 18-22, 2009Minecraft logo 2.gif Added logo to minecraft.net homepage.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120100131Java Edition logo 1.png Added logo to game.
The logo itself is resized version of one on minecraft.net.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.4Java Edition logo 2.png Logo has been changed.
Added animation of the logo: stone falling down in order to form the word "Minecraft".
v1.0.13_01reuploadJava Edition logo 3.png Logo temporarily changed to 1K IN 24h for celebrating 1000 sales in 24 hours.
v1.0.14Java Edition logo 4.png Logo has been changed back to Minecraft with two lost blocks in 'M'.
v1.0.15Java Edition logo 5.png Logo has been changed. Fixed the "M" in the Minecraft title screen logo and which now corresponds to the logo before v1.0.13_01 reupload.
v1.2.0previewJava Edition logo 6.png Logo has been made smaller.
Java Edition Beta
1.4Java Edition logo 7.png Logo has been changed.
The logo animation was removed as such.
1.8(preview)Java Edition logo 8.png Logo has been changed.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2Minceraft 1.png Added Minceraft Easter egg.
1.7.10pre1Java Edition logo 9.png Logo has been changed.
1.814w02aJava Edition logo 10.png Logo has been changed back.
1.12.2pre1Java Edition logo 11.png Logo has been changed.
New game logo with Minecraft Java Edition. The Java Edition subtitle is a separate texture.
1.1620w21aJava Edition logo 12.png Logo has been changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releasePocket Edition logo 1.png Pocket Edition icon 1.png Added logo and icon.
v0.2.0Pocket Edition icon 2.png Changed icon.
v0.7.1Pocket Edition logo 2.png Changed Logo.
v0.11.0build 1Pocket Edition icon 3.png Changed icon.
v0.12.1build 1Pocket Edition icon 4.png Changed icon.
v0.14.2Gear VR Edition logo 1.png Gear VR Edition icon.png Added logo and icon for Gear VR Edition.
v0.16.0build 1Windows 10 Edition logo 1.png Added logo for Windows 10 Edition.
Gear VR Edition logo 2.png Changed logo for Gear VR Edition.
TitleOSX.png Added unused titleOSX.png.
build 2Removed titleOSX.png.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha 10 Edition logo 2.png Changed logo and removed the "Beta" label for Windows 10 Edition.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta Edition logo 1.png Bedrock Edition icon.png Replaced logos and editions in all editions with one, simply renaming the game to Minecraft.
1.14.0beta Beta logo 1.png Added "Minecraft Beta" logo for beta versions.
1.17.30beta Edition logo 2.png The logo has been changed.
Legacy Console Edition
1.66.0016.0Xbox 360 Edition logo 1.png Added logo for Xbox 360 Edition.
0.66.0054.0Xbox 360 Edition logo 2.png Changed logo for Xbox 360 Edition.
TU14Xbox 360 Edition logo 3.png Changed logo for Xbox 360 Edition.
1.00 PlayStation 3 Edition logo 1.png Added logo for PlayStation 3 Edition.
1.01 PlayStation 3 Edition logo 2.png Changed logo for PlayStation 3 Edition.
1.00 PlayStation 4 Edition.png Added logo for PlayStation 4 Edition.
CU1Xbox One Edition.png Added logo for Xbox One Edition.
1.00 PlayStation Vita Edition.png Added logo for PlayStation Vita Edition.
Patch 1Wii U Edition.png Added logo for Wii U Edition.
1.0.1MinecraftSwitchLogo.png Added logo for Nintendo Switch Edition.
TU57Xbox 360 Edition logo 4.png Changed logo for Xbox 360 Edition.


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