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This article is about the April Fools' joke. For the NBT tag to lock chests, see Chunk format § Block entity format.
This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Java Edition. 
This block was intended to be an april fools joke which is no longer present.

The Locked chest or Steve Co. Supply Crate was a block intended to direct players to the Minecraft Store, a site created as an April Fools' gag.



When first introduced in Beta 1.4, locked chests were indestructible except to explosions, which allowed it to drop.

From Beta 1.4_01 up until its removal, locked chests were broken the same as normal chests.

Natural generation[]

In Beta 1.4, if the date is April 1st of any year, the game picks a random location to generate a locked chest in every new chunk. If the chosen location is air and has a solid block below, a locked chest generates.


Locked Chest Message

The prompt that appears when the locked chest is used.

The locked chest's initial purpose was to direct players to the Minecraft Store. Clicking the use button would result in the dialog box to the left being displayed.

This functionality was exclusive to Beta 1.4; all later versions did not trigger this.

Placement and orientation[]

Locked chests would decide their facing direction according to the blocks around them, generally making an attempt to face outward from walls. If their face was obstructed by a block, they would rotate accordingly to face away from said block.

Prior to Beta 1.8, said behavior was standard for directional blocks such as chests and furnaces. From Beta 1.8 onward, said blocks would instead face toward the player placing them, and would not change their facing direction depending on nearby blocks. The locked chest, being an unsupported block, was not subject to this change, and retained its old behavior up until its removal, making it unique in this aspect.


Locked chests could be used as fuel, lasting 1.5 items, the same as a regular chest.


Locked chests did not have any unique sounds, such as an opening sound.

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitchAttenuation
SoundOnce the block has brokendig.wood1.00.816
SoundWhen the block is placeddig.wood1.00.816
SoundWhile the block is in the process of being brokenstep.wood0.250.516
SoundFalling on the block with fall damagestep.wood0.50.7516
SoundWalking on the blockstep.wood0.151.016

Data values[]


NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormTranslation key
Locked chestchest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this95Block & Itemtile.lockedChest.name


Java Edition Beta
1.4Chest (N) JE1 Chest (E) JE1 Chest (S) JE1 Chest (W) JE1
Locked chest (inventory) JE1 Added locked chests.
Large Chest JE1 Added large locked chests. Locked chests can join with each other to form large locked chests.
Locked chests use the models and textures of chests.
Locked chests randomly spawn in worlds if the date is set to April 1st.
They would even generate in strange locations such as on top of trees or in midair.
The server console outputted "added a chest!!" each time a chest was generated.
April 1, 2011Notch states that he planned to remove them at midnight on April 2nd, but didn't due to illness.
1.4_01Locked chests no longer naturally generate.
Locked chests have not been removed from the game entirely; instead code has been added for locked chests in the world to disappear, to avoid crashes, causing them to decay in a fashion similar to leaves. If locked chests are stored in the inventory, they remain until they are placed in the world.
Removed large locked chests.
Java Edition
1.3.112w21aPlaceholder Block JE1 BE1 Placeholder Block JE1 BE1 Placeholder Block JE1 BE1 Placeholder Block JE1 BE1
Locked chest (inventory) JE5 The original chest textures have been removed from terrain.png. As a result, the locked chest now points to texture zones occupied by the block placeholder texture. This is also the texture its particles use.
12w22aLocked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3
Locked chest (inventory) JE6 The texture of locked chests has been changed with the addition of the block of emerald, whose texture is positioned where the chest's top/bottom previously was. This is also the texture its particles use.
1.513w01aLocked chest (N) JE4 Locked chest (E) JE4 Locked chest (S) JE4 Locked chest (W) JE4
Locked chest (inventory) JE8 The texture of locked chests has been changed with the addition of the block of redstone, whose texture is positioned where the chest's side/back originally was.
13w02aSince the textures have been put into individual files, the locked chest now has nothing to use, which causes the game to crash if a world containing one is loaded.
13w03aLocked chest JE5 Locked chest JE5 Locked chest JE5 Locked chest JE5
Locked chest (inventory) JE9 The crash caused by textures being put into individual files has been fixed by using the missing texture for locked chests.
No particle texture is defined for the locked chest. As such, it defaults to using the texture at (0,0) on the atlas. Coincidentally, in the default textures, this is also the missing texture.
1.6.113w18aMissing Model JE2 Missing Model JE2 Missing Model JE2 Missing Model JE2
Locked chest (inventory) JE10 The missing texture has been changed, which has caused the appearance of locked chest blocks to change as well.
As the missing texture is no longer 64x64, the texture atlas arrangement has shifted as a result. The texture at (0,0) is now flowing lava, and as such this is the particle locked chests use.
1.7.213w37aLocked chests have been removed as an item.
Locked chests can now be placed only with the block-placement command such as /setblock.
13w38aMissing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2 Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2 Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2 Missing Model (anisotropic filtering) JE2 Anisotropic filtering has been added as an option - enabling it changes the missing texture, and the appearance of locked chests as a result.
13w41aThe locked chest has been effectively removed and replaced with stained glass. See #Data history for more information.
Legacy Console Edition
?Added locked chests.[1]
1.66.0033.0Chest (N) JE1 Chest (E) JE1 Chest (S) JE1 Chest (W) JE1
Locked chest (inventory) LCEUNK0033 Locked chests exist as of this version.
Like with locked chests in Java Edition, it emits light and decays over time.
Unlike in Java Edition, it can be broken instantly.
The locked chest has no description in the inventory unlike many other items.
If dropped on the ground in a multiplayer world, all players are automatically disconnected.
TU9????Locked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3 Locked chest JE3
Locked chest (inventory) LCEUNKTU9 Locked chests now use the placeholder texture on all horizontal sides and the emerald block texture on the top and bottom.[2]
TU12Locked chest LCE3 Locked chest LCE3 Locked chest LCE3 Locked chest LCE3 When placed, the locked chest now defaults to using the grass block top texture on all sides.
Locked chest (held, first person) LCE3 Locked chest (held, third person) LCE3 Locked chest (inventory) LCEUNKTU12 In the inventory and when held, the locked chest uses the entirety of terrain.png on all sides. All animation placeholder textures excluding the second fire texture are replaced with the actual animations. The behavior seems quite inconsistent - residual cases of the purple placeholder texture appear to be present on the item in some cases but not all.

Data history[]

Java Edition
1.7.213w37aLocked chests have been given a dedicated namespaced alphanumeric ID: minecraft:chest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this - this is currently the longest such ID in the history of Minecraft.[is this the correct version?]
13w41aAdded stained glass, which has now replaced the ID of locked chest (95). As such, any existing locked chests would seamlessly convert over to stained glass upon updating to this version.
The alphanumeric ID for block 95 has been changed from chest_locked_aprilfools_super_old_legacy_we_should_not_even_have_this to stained_glass.
Pocket Edition Alpha
?Locked chests have never existed in this edition. Their numeric ID, 95, is instead used by invisible bedrock.
?Locked chests, however, have a dedicated translation string: tile.lockedchest.name
Legacy Console Edition
1.66.0033.0The locked chest has numeric ID 95.


Locked chest is a removed block and was an april fools joke, and as such issues relating to it cannot be fixed.


  • Steve Co. Supply Crate is a reference to the Mann Co. Supply Crate[3] from Team Fortress 2, where a key must be purchased for $2.49 in the in-game shop called Mann Co. Store in order to open the crate.[4]
  • At the time of the locked chest being added into Minecraft, it looked identical to a normal chest. However, after Beta 1.8, when the chest model was updated to be smaller than a full block, the locked chest, a deprecated block at that point, remained with the old model, and as such became larger than an ordinary chest.
  • Unlike normal chests, locked chest luminates the world with a light level of 15.