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This article describes content that has been officially made unobtainable in Legacy Console Edition. 
It can still be obtained using third-party software. However, this can cause unexpected behavior such as bugs and crashes.
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These features only exist in Legacy Console Edition. 
This article is about unused features of Legacy Console Edition. For unused features in other editions, see Unused features.

Since the beginning of development of the Legacy Console Edition there were features that went unused, and as time went on many other came along. These features may be debugging material, leftovers or scrapped concepts and ideas.


Unbreakable tools[]

All weapons, tools and armor can be made unbreakable via editing the item's NBT data.

Can break or place[]

Using NBT editors, items and blocks can be configured to be only placed on a specific block or only to destroy a specific block, however while the text for this mechanic works, the mechanic itself does not.

Blocks and items[]

Command blocks[]

Main article: Command Block

In Java Edition, the command block can not be obtained without using commands. In Legacy Console Edition however, they are completely unobtainable without inventory editing with an external editor. All three variants can be modded into the game, but none of them have any functionality. Oddly it has unused NBT data relating to executing commands and a tooltip stating "Used to execute commands." Also in terrain.png there are unused conditional mode textures for each variant of the command block.


Barrier (held) JE1 BE1
Main article: Barrier

The barrier can also only be obtained via external inventory editing. It's an invisible block used to make solid boundaries, however they are not fully functional as they cast shadows like other normal blocks, making them somewhat visible. It has a tooltip simply stating "An invisible but solid block." Interestingly barriers were used in the Aquatic Update tutorial mode once and is also used in various Battlemode DLC maps.


Barrier (held) JE1 BE1
Main article: debug_fourj_item

This mysterious item has the texture of a barrier, no display name and no tooltip hint. It can't be placed and has no actual use for anything. Although its ID suggests that it was used for debugging and testing purposes.

Minecart with command block[]

Minecart with Command Block JE3

A minecart with a command block which also lacks any functionality. This only exists as an item, as placing it will result in a normal minecart being placed. The command block in the minecart cannot be modified via NBT editing and it has an unused tooltip stating "Used to execute commands on the move!"

Spectral arrow[]

Spectral Arrow (item) JE1
Main article: Spectral Arrow

Spectral arrows can be shot using a bow, however lack any functionality when hitting a player. It doesn't give the player the Glowing status effect which is also an unused feature of the Legacy Console Edition. The tooltip reads "Gives the victim a glowing outline that can be seen through blocks."

Bark wood[]

Main article: Wood

Wood is a block which has the log's side bark texture on all six sides and it can be chopped using an axe. It can be used as fuel in furnaces but is not flammable, as it is completely immune to fire. It cannot be used to craft planks though the tooltip states "Chopped using an axe, and can be crafted into planks or used as a fuel."

On PlayStation 4 Edition, all variants of wood were later added into the game, as obtainable blocks in both Creative and Survival, as the only version of Legacy Console to receive the Village & Pillage in the 1.90 update.

Petrified oak slab[]

Oak Slab JE1 BE1
Main article: Petrified Oak Slab

Before normal wooden slabs were added, there were other wooden slabs with stone properties, which means that they couldn't burn and needed to be broken with a pickaxe. These were however not removed.


Killer Bunny[]

The Killer Bunny is a white rabbit with horizontal red eyes, which is hostile towards players. It can only be summoned by changing a rabbit's RabbitType tag to 99 and upon being modded into the game, it will be given the name "entity.KillerBunny.name". Its attack strength changes depending on the difficulty: it will deal 5♥♥♥ points on easy, 8♥♥♥♥ points on normal and 12♥ × 6 points on hard mode. Although not a neutral entity, it will not despawn when switching to peaceful mode.


Cavern testing area[]

Battlemode Cavern Large testing area

Testing area

In the Battlemode map Large Cavern there is an out-of-bounds area that can't be accessed without hacking. It seems to be a testing area used to test various aspects of the game in Battlemode. It consists of a chest, a minecart with chest, a furnace and crafting table, an item frame, an enchanting table and a dispenser along with a cauldron. There is also a sign with text that reads "11111". The chest is empty, however the furnace has a stack of gold ingots inside.

Cavern unseen structures[]

Battlemode Cavern Large village

The village next to the arena

Battlemode Cavern Large structure

The structure above the arena

Also in the Large Cavern Battlemode map, there is an unseen village right beside the big opening of the cave and a obscure mossy stone brick structure which was likely going to be a part of the main battle arena.

Cove unseen caves[]

Battlemode Cove Large unseen cave
Battlemode Cove Large unseen cave mountains

In the Large Cove map there is a lot of scenery that goes unused and unseen, the majority being caves. However, some can be seen without using mods, for example swimming out of the main arena through an one block gap at a waterfall.


Corrupted cave sounds[]

There are two unused corrupted cave sounds, these being cave1.binka and cave8.binka and were removed in a later update. Oddly, the non-corrupted versions that are used are stored in folders called "_fixed".

Warning: Loud!

Sound Name File name Path Removed in
cave1 ? Minecraft.msscmp/ambient/cave/cave1/ ?
cave8 ? Minecraft.msscmp/ambient/cave/cave8/ ?

Sound loops[]

Four audio loops existed in the game files once, but these were also removed in a later update.

Sound Name File name Path Removed in
Warning: Loud!

waterfall ? ? ?
ocean ? ? ?
cave_chimes ? ? ?
birds_screaming_loop ? ? ?

Old explosion[]

The old explosion sound file still exists in the game files.

Sound Name File name Path Removed in
old_explosion _3968_13484032.binka Minecraft.msscmp/random/old_explode/ N/A

Duplicate crafting sound[]

A duplicate of the crafting failed sound.

Sound Name File name Path Removed in
btn_Back _2178_12734464.binka Minecraft.msscmp/note/btn_Back/ N/A


Blocks and items[]

Structure block textures[]

LCE unused structure block textures big
In terrain.png there are unused textures which were going to be used for the structure block.

Structure void texture[]

Like the structure block textures, there is also an unused texture for the structure void in items.png.

Fire texture placeholder[]

Fire 0 (placeholder texture) JE2

The fire placeholder texture from as early as the beginning of the Legacy Console Edition still exists in the texture files today. It reads "FIRE TEX! HNST", which is short for "Fire texture! Honest!".


Villager particles[]

In particles.png there an unused particle of a villager's face.[more information needed]


Old tutorial screenshot[]

TU19 Tutorial screenshot

In the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up pack there is a low-quality screenshot from an old Tutorial world. This image is normally seen when completing the first part of the tutorial, however this image is from Xbox 360 Edition TU19[verify].

Aquatic Update graphic[]

LCE Aquatic Update Graphic

There exists an unused graphic featuring the artwork for the Aquatic Update. It's located in MCBREUpSell720.fui[note 1].

Team alliance icon[]


There was once a feature planned to allow alliances and teams in mini games, however this idea was scrapped. Leftover is this graphic along with some unused text regarding teams.

Minecraft icons[]

LCE Minecraft Icon

Inside almost every .fui[note 2] file from the Legacy Console Edition there is a 64x64 Minecraft icon whose purpose is unknown. Such an icon is only sometimes seen as world icons. These icons are identical to the MinecraftIcon.png file and are also present in Mash-Up packs.

PS3 layout table[]

Unused PS3 layout template (Colors reversed)

Found on the PlayStation 3 Edition is this graphic located in DebugUIMarketingGuide720.fui, and which seems to be some sort of layout table.

Status effects[]


Main article: Glowing

To obtain the Glowing effect, the player's NBT data has to be edited using an editor. In other editions of the game this effect is obtained when hit by a spectral arrow, however that is not the case here as spectral arrows are non-functional in this edition, and so is the status effect itself.


Main article: Saturation

Saturation is non-functional in this edition and will not regenerate a player's hunger points. It can not last longer than a few ticks, even when the duration of the effect was made longer using a NBT editor.


Main article: Blindness

This unused effect impairs the players vision by surrounding them with a thick black fog, with only a few blocks being visible. It also prevents the player from sprinting and doing critical hits to mobs or players.

Health Boost[]

Main article: Health Boost

Health boost is a status effect that increases a player's maximum health. It uses the absorption effect icon texture instead of its own. The number of hearts will not change visually but health will still increase.

Bad Luck[]

Main article: Bad Luck

The direct opposite to the Luck status effect. It subtracts the effect level from the attribute generic.luck.[more information needed]


Debug menu[]

In the Legacy Console Edition there is a debug menu that was probably used by the developers during development. It can currently only be accessed in Xbox 360 Edition TU1 and below.[1]

Old tutorial world[]

In the game files there is a leftover world file of the TU46 tutorial world. It's located in \Tutorial\Tutorial.mcs.


There is some DLC which used to be purchasable but now can't be obtained without modding anymore, most of which are located in \CU\DLC\.


Jigsaw Block (top texture) JE2 BE2
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Legacy Console Edition
TU0Added debug options.
TU14CU1 1.04 Patch 11.0.1Oak Wood (UD) JE3 BE1 Spruce Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Birch Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Jungle Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Added oak, spruce, birch and jungle bark wood.
TU19CU7 1.12 Impulse Command Block JE1 Added command blocks.
TU25CU14 1.17 Acacia Wood (UD) JE2 BE1 Dark Oak Wood (UD) JE2 BE1 Added acacia and dark oak bark wood.
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Barrier JE1 BE1 Added barriers.
Killer Bunny JE4 Added the Killer Bunny.
TU36CU25 1.28 Patch 7Added Battlemode, including the maps Cavern, Cove and Crucible.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Added unused structure block textures to terrain.png.
Added unused structure void textures in terrain.png.
Added the Chinese Mythology Mash-up pack.
TU46CU36 1.38 Patch 15Spectral Arrow (item) JE1 Added spectral arrows.
TU57CU49 1.56 Patch 271.0.7Glowing JE1 Added the Glowing status effect.
TU69 1.76 Patch 38The tutorial world was updated for the Aquatic Update, leaving the old one leftover.
Stripped Oak Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Stripped Spruce Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Stripped Birch Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Stripped Jungle Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Stripped Acacia Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Stripped Dark Oak Wood (UD) JE1 BE1 Added stripped oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and dark oak bark wood.



  1. MCBRE is short for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  2. .fui files are used for storing user interface assets.


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