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This article is about the tutorial world. For user-created tutorials, see Tutorials. For Java Edition survival hints, see Tutorial hints. For the tutorial hints feature that existed in Legacy Console Edition, see Legacy Console Edition Hints.
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This feature is exclusive to Legacy Console Edition. 
Minecraft tutorial

In-game screenshot of the tutorial.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 14.21

The Mansion in the 1.0.1 (TU7-TU11) Tutorial World.


Completed map of TU46 Tutorial World.

The Tutorial is a world that introduces the player to the basic mechanics of Minecraft. Available only in the Legacy Console Edition, it allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with the game, primarily with the controls and the crafting system. The world and presentation differ depending on the version of the game it was created in; however, the basic tutorial mechanics remain the same. All versions begin with the player in a small, enclosed area where building, crafting, mining, and survival mechanics are introduced. The tutorial world contains twelve hidden chests with a music disc that the player can search for.

Concepts covered[]

The tutorial walks the player through:

Other tutorials for features such as beds, Nether portals, trading, boats, pistons, brewing, and fishing rods are scattered throughout the world, but are not part of the main tutorial.

Tutorial area[]

Minecraft sign in Xbox 360 tutorial

The Minecraft logo as it used to appear in the tutorial. (TU1-TU46)

  • The tutorial world depends on the version of the game that it is created in.
  • When a player joins the tutorial world, they are initially spawned into a small forest area with an incomplete miner's shelter. This basic tutorial area is enclosed by a natural wall. The player cannot leave this area until they have completed or skipped the basic tutorial, which teaches them aspects of the game including controls, menus, crafting, smelting, and building. In early iterations of the tutorial, players could learn about basic redstone contraptions, fishing, and boats (TU1-TU11). This was changed in later updates (TU12+), as the basic tutorial area was simplified.
  • Once the player leaves the basic tutorial area, they can explore the rest of the tutorial world
  • From TU5 onward, twelve music discs were hidden throughout the tutorial world. Players could explore the tutorial world to find them all. They were often hidden in various manmade structures, such as the Minecraft logo.
  • From TU7 onward, the immediate area outside of the tutorial world featured sub-tutorials for features such as enchanting and brewing. As new features were added with updates, respective tutorial areas were added as well.
  • Tutorial worlds slowly became bigger and better. While early tutorial worlds only featured tutorials for basic features and a few builds, later tutorials included a swath of manmade structures for the player to explore, often resembling structures in real life.


Legacy Console Edition
TU1Equates to Beta 1.6.6
TU3Equates to Beta 1.7.3
  • Added optional tutorial for Pistons and Redstone.
  • Added a self-building bridge to the castle using pistons.
  • Added some sugar cane, cacti and clay to the world.
  • Added a few other things for players to discover.
  • Seed: 1171544198849424676
  • Tour of World with World Download
  • TU5Equates to Beta 1.8.1
  • Changed the tutorial world to enable the new terrain features in it.
  • Added mini tutorial for sprinting in the tutorial world.
  • Added mini tutorial for eating in the tutorial world.
  • Added music disc quests in the tutorial world - players can search the world for the 12 chests, each containing one of the music discs that can be played in a jukebox.
  • Seed: 6173462
  • Tour of World with World Download
  • TU7Equates to Java Edition 1.0.0
    • New tutorial world with new biome.
    • New mini-tutorials for new features.
    • Updated new music disc quest in the tutorial world.
    • Seed: 96414766889474996
    • Tour of World with World Download
    TU9Equates to Java Edition 1.1
    • Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the tutorial world.
    • Changed the tutorial world to add climbable vines, and some of the new items, and removed/reduced the items in the brewing, farming and breeding chests.
    • Seed: 96414766889474996
    • Tour of World with World Download
    TU12 1.0 Equates to Java Edition 1.2.3
    TU14CU1 1.04 Equates to Java Edition 1.3.2
    • New tutorials to the tutorial world for the new items & features.
    • Updated the positions of the music disc chests in the Tutorial World.
      • This includes new places.
    • Seed: 1227750481513469519
    • Tour of World with World Download
    TU19CU7 1.12 Patch 1Equates to Java Edition 1.6.4
    TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Equates to Java Edition 1.8.8
    TU46CU36 1.38 Patch 151.0.1Equates to Java Edition 1.10.2
    • Minor updates to Tutorial world.
    TU69 1.76 Patch 38Equates to Java Edition 1.13.2
    • New tutorial world to show the player how to use the new features.
    • This world is artificially-created and can't be generated by any seed.
    • Tour of World with World Download


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    • In the TU3-4 tutorial world, there is an underwater room containing a full set of diamond armor & tools. It is located to the right of the castle's tallest tower, outlined with white wool at the top.
    • In the TU3-4 tutorial world, there is a lever on each side of the floating Minecraft logo. Flipping it reveals a concealed hallway with a lit nether portal in the middle.
    • In the TU3-4 tutorial world, there is a gravel "x" at the coordinates (213, 75, 55). Digging down reveals a dungeon with a skeleton spawner.
    • The TU12-14 tutorial world castle is located in the northern corner west of the TU31 tutorial world spawn.
    • In the southwest corner of the TU19 tutorial world Stampylonghead’s House and SS Stumpy can be found along with two music discs.
    • In the TU69 tutorial world, the world of the old TU46 tutorial world can be located south of the new spawn. The orientation in which the old spawn was sunken and aligned is a reference to the then Aquatic Update.



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