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This feature is exclusive to Legacy Console Edition. 

This is the list of features exclusive to the Legacy Console Edition.


Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 14.21

The Mansion in the TU7–TU11 Tutorial World.

  • More achievements/trophies
  • 14 extra default skins
  • Certain Console Edition-exclusive Skin Packs
Mini Games
  • Tumble mini-game
  • Battle mini-game
  • Glide mini-game
  • Gives the player detailed instructions about what an item/block does.
  • New sleeping animation

World generation[]

World sizes
  • Options for classic (864x864), small (1024x1024), medium (3072x3072), and large (5120x5120) world sizes. Large, medium, and small are only available on the Xbox One Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition.
    • Water moat occupies the outer 2 chunks to smoothly transition to the edge of the world
    • Overwrite world edges option when expanding a world from a smaller size to a larger size, resetting the outer 2 chunks in the smaller world, removes the water moat at the edge of the world.
    • Classic world size generates more villages than large world sizes.
Biome Scale
  • Small, medium, and large option. The small option is the default due limited world size, so one world can have more biomes.
    • Biome generation is roughly based on Java Edition 64 bit generation seeds. Large biome size is equivalent to biome size 4 from Java Edition Old Customized worlds, Medium is rough approximation on biome size 3, and small biome size roughly approximates to biome size 2. This is due to biome scaling taking place before hill biomes, edge biomes, and beach biome are applied to the map, unlike Java Edition Old Customized worlds where the scaling occurs after.
    • Mushroom biomes generate in different locations compared to Java Edition.
    • Since the Exploration Update, temples and structures attempt to spawn more frequently, due to limited world sizes, especially with Woodland Mansions.
  • There is a "Find Balanced Seed" option, selected by default, which makes the game randomly select seeds that have a better variety of biomes.
The Nether
  • Noise generation is loosely based on Java Edition nether noise generation.
  • Has limited size, at 288x 288, and is slightly larger with a larger world size. On Large worlds, the nether is up to 640x640.
  • The Nether-Overworld portal ratio is larger depending on world size: 1:3 in Classic and Small; 1:6 in Medium; and 1:8, like other versions of Minecraft, in Large.
  • Nether wart spawns randomly wherever soul sand is generated in the Nether.
  • The edge of this dimension is made of bedrock.
  • The Nether is hollow, with a flat ground, when using a superflat world.
The End
  • A maximum of four end gateways will generate on Xbox One Edition, PlayStation 4 Edition, and Nintendo Switch Edition. A maximum of one end gateway will generate on Xbox 360 Edition, PlayStation 3 Edition, PlayStation Vita Edition, and Wii U Edition.
  • Each end gateway portal leads to one outer island, which is as big as the main island. One outer island is guaranteed to generate with an end city.
  • The size does not change with regard to world size. Even on Classic, the islands are so far apart that they are all on different Maps.
    • The spawn end island generates at 0,0, up to 96 blocks form the origin. Outer islands generate 2048 blocks from the origin in cardinal directions.
  • Each island is surrounded by invisible walls, making it impossible to go between them without the use of end gateways.
    • Only a 192 by 192 block area (12 by 12 chunks generate, 6 chunks from the center) for each island.
  • Only the spawn end island's noise generation loosely follows Java Edition end noise generation. End pillars generate differently random from Java Edition. The outer end islands always generate the end island; rather than other end biomes (small end islands).
Superflat Interface
  • An interface for creating superflat worlds. While a similar interface exists on older versions of Java Edition, in Legacy Console Edition, it is much more versatile, allowing you to change what generates, how much it generates, and more.
  • A maximum of 128 layers, including a least one layer of bedrock always at the bottom of the world that cannot be changed or removed.
    • The Legacy Console Edition is the only edition of the game to have a block selection menu for custom superflats, the layout of which is shown below:


Console Game Options

Game optioms menu on Legacy Console Edition.

Command-like options
  • All /gamerule command options except for reducedDebugInfo, randomTickSpeed and some others with an interface.
Game options
HUD Options
  • Interface Opacity
  • Interface Sensitivity
  • Display HUD
  • Display Hand
  • In-Game Tooltips
  • In-Game Gamertags
  • Splitscreen Gamertags
  • Hud Size
  • Hud Size (Splitscreen)
Other options
Render Distance
  • Render distance is set to 18 chunks on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and 10 chunks on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Blocks and items[]

Nether Wart
  • The player always begins a new world with an empty map; it will be a map of 1024x1024 area size (1:8 scale, zoom step 3).
  • Maps will display the coordinates that the player is located at.
  • Cannot be zoomed in.
  • Are snapped to a grid different from Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.
    • Specifically, maps center on 0,0, so the map at spawn would cover up to 512 blocks from the origin. Large world maps cover from 512 to 1536 blocks, and then 1536 to 2560 blocks. The center of these maps are at 1024 or 2048.
  • Have an automatic crafting option
Music disc
  • After the music disc "Cat" finishes playing, the soundtrack "Dog" starts playing.
  • Shows all possible blocks that can be crafted, instead of just craftable blocks, when manual crafting is off.[more information needed]
Enchanted Golden Apple
Firework rockets
  • Five pre-crafted firework rockets are available in Creative Mode. The types are as follows:
    • Duration 1, small ball, light blue, twinkle
      • Crafted by creating a firework star using gunpowder, light blue dye, and glowstone dust; then use the firework star, one paper, and one gunpowder; to craft the firework rocket.
    • Duration 2, creeper shaped, green
      • Crafted by creating a firework star using gunpowder, green dye, and a mob head; then use the firework star, one paper, and two gunpowder; to craft the firework rocket.
    • Duration 2, burst, red, fade to orange
      • Crafted by creating a firework star using gunpowder, red dye, and a feather; then add orange dye to the firework star; then use the firework star, one paper, and two gunpowder; to craft the firework rocket.
    • Duration 3, burst, magenta, fade to blue, twinkle
      • Crafted by creating a firework star using gunpowder, magenta dye, a feather and glowstone dust; then add blue dye to the firework star; then use the firework star, one paper, and three gunpowder; to craft the firework rocket.
    • Duration 2, star shaped, yellow, fade to orange, trail
      • Crafted by creating a firework star using gunpowder, yellow dye, a gold nugget, and a diamond; then add orange dye to the firework star; then use the firework star, one paper, and two gunpowder; to craft the firework rocket.
  • Firework stars are not directly obtainable in the Creative inventory.

Mobs & entities[]

Wither skeletons
  • Spawn in all parts of the Nether rather than only in Nether fortresses.[1]
  • Twice the speed than in Java Edition.


Crafting Table LCE

Legacy Console Edition's crafting table interface

Crafting LCE

2x2 crafting interface

The game has a crafting system with the following categories. The categories of blocks and items in the crafting menu differ significantly from the Creative menu, and various blocks and items are grouped differently. Stonecutters have a separate interface, although it functions very similar to the crafting menu.

The crafting system in Legacy Console Edition could be changed to use the system from the Java Edition by checking the "Classic Crafting" option under "User Interface" in the options menu.

By default, Legacy Console Edition used a simplified crafting system. It did not require the player to place items in the correct place in the crafting interface, but instead displayed the ingredients required to craft the selected item and allows the player to craft that item as long as the player has the required crafting ingredients.

The PlayStation Vita and Wii U versions did not have the ability to craft using touch input.


This section is missing information about whether the following items are in, and where in the crafting menu they are located, as of PS4 version 1.95: (stripped wood; dyed wool; colored shulker boxes; cloned explorer map; written book). Which crafting and banner crafting patterns show in the inventory crafting menu; and which don't. Add missing items from the dyes tab. Double check the fireworks and dyes tab; if there are missing items, or an update changed the tabs or added more items. 
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Stonecutter block:


  • The armor tab does not show in the inventory crafting menu, only in the crafting table. All other crafting tabs show even in the inventory crafting menu. Only three of the six banner tabs show in the inventory banner crafting menu, including the select banner tab.
  • Crafting entries with an asterisk (*) do not appear outside the crafting table.
  • When using the loom for banner crafting, only the banner crafting interface with the banner specific navigation tabs are available. In the first tab, only "Select Banner" is available.
  • Furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers do not have a predefined menu selection of blocks, unlike the recipe book on other editions such as Java.
  • Colored materials are ordered by color data values, unlike colored items in the Creative inventory. This applies to all tabs (crafting, banners, dyes, fireworks), in both the crafting table and loom. The order of dyes in the crafting dyes in the decortations tab is different.

Creative inventory[]

LCE Creative Inventory

Creative mode item selection screen in Legacy Console Edition

Clock JE3
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The Creative inventory in Legacy Console Edition was the same as Java Edition, albeit with slightly different tabs and its own set of items.



  • There is no search tab, with all of the Creative inventory's items in a single tab, on Legacy Console. Players must instead browse each individual tab to find the item in question.
  • Scrolling up and down in the Creative inventory and custom superflat scrolls one entire page at a time (five rows of items) on Legacy Console; instead of scrolling one row at a time like all other editions of the game.
  • Both Luck effect and Decay effect potions and tipped arrows are available on Legacy Console.
  • All Potion and Tipped Arrow types are arranged by base variants, followed by extended variants, and enhanced variants. They aren't arranged by regular, splash, and lingering potions like on Java or Bedrock.
  • Colored blocks and items are arranged in a different order from Java and Bedrock. They don't use a rainbow order like all colored blocks and items on Java (almost all on Bedrock).
  • Banners on Legacy Console are arranged differently from all other colored blocks and items within.
  • Enchanted books are ordered partially like that of Java, and those added after the World of Color update, partially like that of Bedrock, with other minor differences to the order of enchanted books.
  • Unlike later versions of Java or Bedrock Edition, spawn eggs are not sorted alphabetically, nor are they sorted with most passive mobs before most hostile ones. Instead; most hostile mob spawn eggs are listed before most passive mob spawn eggs.
  • Walls, stairs and slabs share the same order between Legacy Console and Bedrock Edition with the following exception: Stone brick and mossy stone brick stairs and slabs are found between mossy cobblestone and wooden variants on Legacy Console, rather than between wooden and sandstone variants like on Bedrock.


  • Villager trading has a different GUI compared to other Minecraft editions.
  • 3D blocks in the inventory have the same lighting on the X and Z axis facing sides, unlike Java and Bedrock. This is the case on more recent versions on some platforms.[more information needed]
  • In the editions with the aquatic update, players can enter swimming mode if any part of their character is touching water, not just their head


This section is missing information about which update were when logs and end portal frames added to custom superflat, and when were end portal frames removed from custom superflat?. 
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Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.00 Patch 11.0.1Added a simplified crafting manual.
Added Splitscreen.
Added Tutorial.
The Player will always spawn in the world with a map.
Added Shrubs.
TU5Seven tabs in Creative Inventory instead of ten like Java Edition. A full detailed history can be found here.
TU6Made cake stackable to 64.
TU7Extended Creative inventory to eight tabs from seven with the addition of brewing.
Superflat Nether.
Nether wart has random generation around the nether rather than in nether fortresses only.
TU8Blazes now drop 0-2 glowstone dust when killed.
TU9Added the end, with all exclusive features in it.
TU12Added Texture Packs and Mash-up packs.
TU13Doubled minecart speed.
TU19CU7 1.12 Added Donkey and mule spawn eggs.
Fireworks in creative inventory.
TU24 1.20 Added 30 achievements, with 20 already in game, making 50 total vs. Java Edition's 34. (Xbox 360 and PS3)
TU25CU14 1.17 Added custom superflat interface with block selection screen.
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Due to the addition of a lot of new biomes on limited size worlds, biome scale on all new Legacy Console Edition worlds have been downscaled 4x (16x area), in order to fit more biomes on limited sized worlds, compared to Java Edition. Prior to this update, biome generation seeds previously matched Java Edition at a scale factor of 1 to 1.
Added all logs and end portal frames to the custom superflat block selection menu.[verify]
TU36CU25 1.28 Patch 7Added Battle mini-game.
TU41CU30 1.33 Patch 11Added Tumble mini-game.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Added automatic banner crafting interface.
Grass paths in creative inventory.
Frosted Ice is obtainable with Silk Touch.
New sleeping animation.
????Removed end portal frames from the custom superflat block selection menu.[more information needed]
TU46CU36 1.38 Patch 15Added automatic firework crafting interface.
TU51CU41 1.44 Patch 201.0.3Added Glide mini-game.
TU54CU44 1.52 Patch 241.0.4Added Biome Scale slider and Find Balanced Seed option.
Added separate dye crafting interface.
Added woodland mansions, and made them and ocean monuments generate more frequently.