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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft. 
This edition has been discontinued.

In Legacy Console Edition, blocks, items and entities all had dedicated descriptions, which would appear on-screen in a blue dialog box of sorts when the subject was first encountered, or when mine was clicked on it in the inventory.


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Off Activator Rail (texture) JE2 BE2.png Activator Rail

A type of rail that can enable or disable Minecarts with Hoppers and trigger Minecarts with TNT.

Anvil (N) JE3.png Anvil

Can be used to repair weapons, tools and armor.

Barrier (held) JE2 BE2.png Barrier

An invisible but solid block.

Beacon JE6 BE2.png Beacon

Projects a beam of light into the sky and can provide Status Effects to nearby players.

Bedrock JE2 BE2.png Bedrock

This cannot be broken.

Block of Coal JE3 BE2.png Block of Coal

A compact way of storing Coal.

Block of Diamond JE6 BE3.png Block of Diamond

A compact way of storing Diamonds.

Block of Gold JE6 BE3.png Block of Gold

A compact way of storing Gold.

Block of Iron JE4 BE3.png Block of Iron

A compact way of storing Iron.

Bookshelf JE4 BE2.png Bookshelf

Allows the creation of more powerful enchantments when placed around the Enchantment Table.

Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.pngOak Button (S) JE4.png Button

Used to send an electrical charge by being pressed. Stays activated for approximately a second before shutting off again.

Cactus JE4.png Cactus

Can be cooked in a furnace to create a green dye.

Cauldron (item) JE2 BE2.png Cauldron

Filled with water by rain or with a bucket of water, and can then be used to fill Glass Bottles with water.

Chest (S) JE2 BE2.png Chest

Stores blocks and items inside. Place two chest side by side to create a larger chest with double capacity.

Clay JE2 BE2.png Clay

When broken drops clay balls which can be baked into bricks in a furnace.

Coal Ore JE2 BE2.png Coal Ore

Can be mined with a pickaxe to collect coal.

Coarse Dirt JE1 BE1.png Coarse Dirt

A special type of dirt that does not grow grass.

Cobblestone JE5 BE3.png Cobblestone

Mined from stone using a pickaxe. Can be used to construct a furnace or stone tools.

Cobweb (texture) JE2 BE2.png Cobweb

Slows movement when walking through it. Can be destroyed using shears to collect string.

Impulse Command Block.gif Command Block

Used to execute commands.

Crafting Table JE3 BE2.png Crafting Table

Allows you to craft a more varied selection of items than the normal crafting.

Dandelion (texture) JE2 BE2.png Dandelion

A common yellow flower that can be used to breed and lead rabbits and can also used to craft yellow dye.

Daylight Detector JE1 BE1.png Daylight Sensor

Is a block that outputs a Redstone signal based on sunlight or lack of sunlight if inverted.

Diamond Ore JE2 BE2.png Diamond Ore

Can be mined with an iron pickaxe or better to collect diamonds.

Dirt JE2 BE2.png Dirt

Collected using a shovel. Can be used for construction.

Oak Door (item) JE3 BE2.png Spruce Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Birch Door (item) JE3 BE1.pngJungle Door (item) JE3 BE1.pngAcacia Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Dark Oak Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Door

Activated by using, hitting them or with redstone.

Emerald Ore JE3 BE2.png Emerald Ore

Can be mined with an Iron pickaxe or better to collect Emeralds.

Enchanting Table JE4 BE2.png Enchantment Table

This allows players to enchant Swords, Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Bows and Armor, using the player's Experience Points.

End Portal (block).gif End Portal

This can be activated using twelve Eye of Ender, and will allow the player to travel to The End dimension.

End Portal Frame (S) JE5 BE2.png End Portal Frame

Used to form an End Portal.

End Stone JE3 BE2.png End Stone

A block type found in The End. It has a very high blast resistance, so is useful for building with.

Flower Pot (item) JE2 BE2.png Flower Pot

Used as a decoration. Flowers, Saplings, Cacti and Mushrooms can be planted in it.

Furnace (S) JE4.png Furnace

Allows you to smelt ore, create charcoal and glass, and cook fish and porkchops.

Grass (item).png Grass

Sometimes produces wheat seeds when broken.

Grass Block JE6 BE5.png Grass Block

A block of dirt with grass growing on top. Collected using a shovel. Can be used for construction.

Gravel JE5 BE4.png Gravel

Collected using a shovel. Sometimes produces flint when dug up. Is affected by gravity if there is no other tile underneath it.

Glass JE4 BE2.png Glass

Created in a furnace by smelting sand. Can be used for construction, but will break if you try to mine it.

Glowstone JE4 BE2.png Glowstone

Used to create brighter light than torches. Melts snow/ice and can be used underwater.

Ice JE2 BE3.png Ice

Slippery when walked on. Turns into water if above another block when destroyed. Melts if close enough to a light source or when placed in The Nether.

Block of Lapis Lazuli JE3 BE3.png Lapis Lazuli Block

A compact way of storing Lapis Lazuli.

Lever (texture) JE1 BE1.png Lever

Used to send an electrical charge by being turned on or off. Stays in the on or off state until pressed again.

Mycelium JE2 BE2.png Mycelium

Similar to Grass Blocks, but very good for growing mushrooms on. A special type of dirt for growing mushrooms.

Netherrack JE4 BE2.png Netherrack

Burns forever if set alight.

Nether Quartz Ore JE3 BE2.png Nether Quartz Ore

Smelted in a furnace to produce Nether Quartz.

Note Block JE2 BE2.png Note Block

Plays a note when triggered. Hit it to change the pitch of the note. Placing this on top of different blocks will change the type of instrument.

Obsidian JE1 BE1.png Obsidian

Can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. Is produced by the meeting of water and still lava, and is used to build a portal.

Poppy (texture) JE3 BE2.png Poppy

A common red flower that can be used to craft red dye.

Red Sand JE3 BE2.png Red Sand

A red coloured sand that can be found in mesas. Can be smelted into glass using the furnace. Is affected by gravity if there is no other block underneath it.

Stone JE5 BE3.png Stone

Can be mined with a pickaxe to collect cobblestone.

Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png Stone Bricks

Made from Stone blocks, and commonly found in Strongholds.

Redstone Dust JE2 BE2.png Redstone Dust

Is placed on the ground to carry an electrical charge.

Redstone Ore JE2 BE2.png Redstone Ore

Can be mined with an iron pickaxe or better to collect redstone dust.

Sand JE5 BE3.png Sand

Collected using a shovel. Can be smelted into glass using the furnace. Is affected by gravity if there is no other tile underneath it.

Oak Sign JE2 BE2.png Sign

Shows text entered by you or other players.

Smooth Stone Slab JE2 BE2.png Slab

Used for making long staircases. Two slabs placed on top of each other will create a normal-sized double slab block.

Slime Block LCE.png Slime Block

Causes players and mobs to bounce when they jump on it.

Snow Block JE2 BE2.png Snow Block

A compact way to store snowballs.

Torch (texture) JE3 BE2.png Torch

Used to create light. Torches also melt snow and ice.

Cobblestone Wall JE2 BE2.png Wall

A wall made of Cobblestone.

Water (animated).png Water

Extinguishes fire and helps crops grow. Can be collected in a bucket.

Oak Planks JE6 BE3.png Wooden Planks

Used as a building material and can be crafted into many things. Can be crafted from any form of wood.

Piston (U) BE2.png Piston

When powered (using a button, a lever, a pressure plate, a redstone torch, or redstone with any one of these), a piston extends if it can and pushes blocks.

Carved Pumpkin (S) JE4.png Carved Pumpkin

Can be worn as a helmet or crafted with a torch to create a Jack-O-Lantern. It is also the main ingredient in Pumpkin Pie.

Wheat Age 0 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 1 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 2 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 3 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 4 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 5 JE3 BE2.pngWheat Age 6 JE4 BE2.pngWheat Age 7 JE4 BE2.png Crops

When fully grown, crops can be harvested to collect wheat.

Spawner JE3.png Spawner

Spawns monsters into the world.

Spawn Egg (texture) JE1.png Spawn Egg

When thrown can spawn a creature of the type indicated.

Mossy Cobblestone JE4 BE2.png Mossy Cobblestone

Found in dungeons, can be used for construction and decoration.

Rail (texture) JE3 BE2.png Rail

Used to guide minecarts.

Vines (item).png Vines

Grows over time when placed. Can be collected using shears. Can be climbed like a ladder.

Off Powered Rail (texture) JE2 BE2.png Powered Rail

When powered, accelerates minecarts that pass over it. When unpowered, causes minecarts to stop on it.

Lava.gif Lava

Sets fire to anything that touches it. Can be collected in a bucket.

Packed Ice JE2 BE3.png Packed Ice

A solid unmeltable block of ice that can have objects placed on it.


Used to cause explosions. Activated after placing by igniting with Flint and Steel item, or with an electrical charge.


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Apple JE1 BE1.png Apple

Restores 2 🍗, and can be crafted into a golden apple.

Bottle o' Enchanting JE1 BE1.png Bottle o' Enchanting

When thrown, it drops Experience Orbs which increase your experience points when collected.

Red Bed 2D.png Bed

Used to forward time from any time at night to morning if all the players in the world are in bed, and changes the spawn point of the player.

The colors of the bed are always the same, regardless of the colors of wool used.

Blaze Rod JE1 BE1.png Blaze Rod

Dropped by Blazes who tend to be found near or in Nether Fortresses.

Oak Boat (item) JE1.png Boat

Used to travel in water more quickly than swimming.

Bone JE1 BE1.png Bone

Collected by killing a Skeleton. Can be crafted into bone meal. Can be fed to a wolf to tame it.

Bone Meal JE1 BE1.png Bone Meal

Used to instantly grow crops, trees, tall grass, huge mushrooms and flowers, and can be used in dye recipes.

Book JE1 BE1.png Book

Can be used to create bookshelves or enchanted to make Enchanted Books.

Bow JE2 BE1.png Bow

Allows for ranged attacks by using arrows.

Bucket JE1 BE1.png Bucket

Used to hold and transport water, lava and milk.

Carrot on a Stick JE1 BE1.png Carrot on a Stick

Used to control a saddled pig when riding on it.

Coal JE2 BE1.png Charcoal

Used as a fuel in a furnace, or crafted to make a torch.

Clay Ball JE1 BE1.png Clay Ball

Can be baked into bricks in a furnace.

Clock JE1 BE1.png Clock

Displays positions of the Sun and Moon.

Coal JE2 BE1.png Coal

Used as a fuel in a furnace, or crafted to make a torch.

Cooked Chicken JE2 BE2.png Cooked Chicken

Created by cooking raw chicken in a furnace.

Cooked Mutton JE1.png Cooked Mutton

Restores 3 🍗. Can be obtained by cooking raw mutton in a furnace.

Compass JE1 BE1.png Compass

Points to your start point.

Egg JE1 BE1.png Egg

Dropped randomly by chickens, and can be crafted into food items.

Ender Pearl JE1.png Ender Pearl

Dropped by Enderman when they die. When thrown, the player will be teleported to the position the Ender Pearl lands at, and will lose some health.

Eye of Ender JE1 BE1.png Eye of Ender

Used in potion brewing, and for locating Strongholds. When thrown, will show the direction to an End Portal. When twelve of these are placed in the End Portal Frames, the End Portal will be activated.

Feather JE2 BE1.png Feather

Collected by killing a chicken, and can be crafted into an arrow.

Flint JE1 BE1.png Flint

Collected by digging gravel, and can be used to craft a flint and steel.

Flint and Steel JE3 BE1.png Flint and Steel

Used to create fire, ignite TNT, and open a portal once it has been built.

Glass Bottle JE1 BE1.png Glass Bottle

Can be filled with water, and used as the starting ingredient for a potion in the Brewing Stand.

Lapis Lazuli JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli

Used in enchanting and as dye to create Blue Wool.

Leather JE1 BE1.png Leather

Collected by killing a cow, and can be crafted into armor or used to make Books.

Raw Beef JE3 BE2.png Raw Beef

Restores 1.5 🍗, or can be cooked in a furnace.

Ghast Tear JE1 BE1.png Ghast Tear

Dropped by Ghasts when they die.

Glowstone Dust JE1 BE1.png Glowstone Dust

Collected by mining Glowstone, and can be crafted to make Glowstone blocks again or brewed with a potion to increase the potency of the effect.

Golden Apple JE1 BE1.png Golden Apple

Restores 2 🍗, regenerates health for 30 seconds, and grants fire resistance and damage resistance for 5 minutes. Crafted from an apple and gold blocks.

Golden Carrot JE3 BE1.png Golden Carrot

Crafted from a carrot and gold nuggets.

Lava Bucket JE1 BE1.png Lava Bucket

Used to hold and transport lava.

Milk Bucket JE1 BE1.png Milk Bucket

Used to hold and transport milk.

Brown Mushroom (inventory) BE1.pngRed Mushroom (inventory) BE1.pngMushroom

Can be crafted with a bowl to make stew.

Bowl JE1 BE1.png Bowl

Used to hold mushroom stew. You keep the bowl when the stew has been eaten.

Gold Nugget JE2 BE1.png Gold Nugget

Dropped by Zombie Pigmen when they die. Zombie Pigmen can be found in the Nether. Used as an ingredient for brewing potions.

Nether Star JE2 BE1.gif Nether Star

Dropped by the Wither, used in crafting Beacons.

Wooden Axe JE1 BE1.pngStone Axe JE1 BE1.pngIron Axe JE4 BE1.pngGolden Axe JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Axe JE1 BE1.png Axe

Used to chop wood-related blocks faster than by hand.

Wooden Pickaxe JE1 BE1.pngStone Pickaxe JE1 BE1.pngIron Pickaxe JE2 BE1.pngGolden Pickaxe JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Pickaxe JE1 BE1.png Pickaxe

Required to mine stone-related blocks and ore.

Wooden Shovel JE1 BE1.pngStone Shovel JE1 BE1.pngIron Shovel JE2 BE1.pngGolden Shovel JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Shovel JE1 BE1.png Shovel

Used to dig dirt, grass, sand, gravel and snow faster than by hand. Shovels are required to dig snowballs.

Wooden Sword JE1 BE1.pngStone Sword JE1 BE1.pngIron Sword JE1 BE1.pngGolden Sword JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Sword JE1 BE1.png Sword

Deals more damage than by hand.

Slimeball JE1 BE1.png Slimeball

Collected by killing a Slime, and used as an ingredient for brewing potions or crafted to make Sticky Pistons.

Snowball JE1 BE1.png Snowball

Collected by digging snow, and can be thrown.

Steak JE3 BE2.png Steak

Created by cooking raw beef in a furnace.

Water Bucket JE1 BE1.png

Used to hold and transport water.


A shiny ingot which can be used to craft tools made from this material. Created by smelting ore in a furnace.


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Bat JE1 BE1.gif Bat

These flying creatures are found in caverns or other large enclosed spaces.

Blaze JE1 BE1.png Blaze

These are enemies found in the Nether, mostly inside Nether Fortresses. They will drop Blaze Rods when killed.

Cave Spider JE2 BE2.png Cave Spider

Has a venomous bite.

Cow JE5 BE2.png Cow

Drops leather when killed. Can also be milked with a bucket.

Creeper JE2 BE1.png Creeper

Explodes if you get too close!

Enderman.png Enderman

Will attack you if you look at it. Can also move blocks around.

Endermite.png Endermite

There is a small chance using an Ender pearl will spawn one. They will attack you if you are nearby.

Ghast JE1 BE1.png Ghast

Fires flaming balls at you that explode on contact.

Iron Golem JE1 BE1.png Iron Golem

Appear in Villages to protect them, and can be created using Iron Blocks and Pumpkins.

Magma Cube.png Magma Cube

These can be found in The Nether. Similar to Slimes, they will break up into smaller versions when killed.

Ocelot Revision 1.png Ocelot

These can be found in Jungles. They can be tamed by feeding them Raw Fish. You will need to let the Ocelot approach you though, since any sudden movements will scare it away.


Harmless creature that upon death may drop a rabbit hide or a rabbit's foot.

Saddle JE1 BE1.png Saddle

When used on a pig it allows you to ride the pig. The pig can then be steered using a Carrot on a Stick.


Drops wool when sheared (if it has not already been sheared). Can be dyed to make its wool a different color.

Silverfish JE1 BE1.png Silverfish

Attracts nearby hidden Silverfish when attacked. Hides in stone blocks.

Skeleton JE3 BE1.png Skeleton

Fires arrows at you. Drops arrows when killed.

Slime JE2 BE1.png Slime

Split into smaller Slimes when damaged.

Snow Golem JE1 BE1.png Snow Golem

The Snow Golem can be created by players using snow blocks and a pumpkin. They will throw snowballs at their creators enemies.

Spider JE2 BE1.png Spider

Attacks you when you are close to it. Can climb walls. Drops string when killed.

Witch.png Witch

These enemies can be found in swamps and attack you by throwing Potions. They drop Potions when killed.

Wither.png Wither

These are crafted from Wither Skulls and Soul Sand. They fire exploding skulls at you.

Wither Skeleton

Armed with a sword. Can afflict you with Wither, which drains your health.

Wolf Revision 1.png Wolf

Docile until attacked, when they will attack you back. Can be tamed using bones which causes the wolf to follow you around and attack anything that attacks you.

Zombie JE2 BE1.png Zombie

Attacks you when you are close to it.

Zombified Piglin JE3 BE2.png Zombie Pigman

Initially docile, but will attack in groups if you attack one.