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Minecraft Launcher

Release date

July 27, 2022

2.3.324 was an update to the launcher released on July 27, 2022.


  • Updates to many error messages to provide more useful information to users.
  • Improvements to how installed game update flow works.
  • (August 6) Updates the background.


  • Fixed a bug which preventing some users from being able to access Bedrock.
  • Fixed a bug relating to adding or removing MSA.
  • MCL-21543 - Inconsistent uppercase conversion mapping causing issues in certain language translations.
  • MCL-21593 - The symbols "Q" and "A" in Q&As displayed within the Launcher are untranslatable.
  • MCL-21722 - Launcher shows "MINECRAFT JAVA & BEDROCK" and then goes to "MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION".
  • MCL-21814 - The word "Wi-Fi" is spelled as "WiFi" within a launcher string used to compare game features.