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Release date

May 11, 2022

2.3.173 was an update to the launcher released on May 11, 2022.


  • Added ability to "Copy" error code information with one click.


  • Enhance messaging around ensuring users are signed in to the Microsoft Store with the same account being used in the Launcher.
  • Advanced setting option "Clean up cached account tokens" button now gives feedback if user click it so user know it was clicked.


  • Fix to bug where user was unable to start one game while a different game was installing.
  • "No Network Connection" & failed sign-in attempt prompt weren't being translated and now are (and a few other localization process fixes).
  • Bug relating to failure to fetch user's Minecraft profile.
  • Fixes to variety of other bugs, crashes & user issues.
  • MCL-20088 - Several mentionings of "Minecraft: Java Edition" within the new launcher strings are spelled inconsistently.
  • MCL-21173 - The term "roll out" is spelled as "rollout" within one of the new migration notification launcher strings.
  • MCL-21190 - There is a comma missing after the word "Sorry" within a launcher string used for a generic error message.
  • MCL-21262 - Launcher Crashes when clicking the "Browse" Button in the "Edit installation" menu.