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Minecraft Launcher

Release date

November 12, 2021

2.2.7447 (Windows), 2.2.7450 (Windows, via the Microsoft Store/Xbox app), 2.2.7449 (macOS), or 2.2.7448 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on November 12, 2021.



  • Fixes to the new Launcher in particular available via the Microsoft Store, though some apply to all versions of the Launcher:
    • Fixed crashing/BSOD issue on Windows 11.
    • Fixed issue where Java game would fail to create worlds, or crash after starting.
    • Fixed several issues relating to MSA sign-in success.
    • Fixes to how settings were being saved.
    • Reduced frequency and intensity of Upgrade messaging from previous Launcher.
    • Fixed issue that was forcing users to re-sign in every time they loaded the new Launcher.
    • Fixed bug that prevented new Launcher from being installed on drives other than C:
    • Updated and added some new translations to the Launcher.
  • MCL-19350 - Alex's Default Skin Library Preview Shows an Inaccurate Version of Alex's Skin
  • MCL-19814 - Some buttons bring user to nonexistent pages/use outdated URLs
  • MCL-19387 - Important information about migrating accounts was not put on Crowdin for translation