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Minecraft Launcher

Release date

November 27, 2020

Development versions

2.2.743 (Windows and Dungeons), 2.2.740 (macOS), or 2.2.741 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on November 27, 2020. It added support for Microsoft accounts and the ability to play Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons in the same launcher.


  • Add warnings when starting versions of Minecraft that might not support the latest in-game player safety features
  • Add "Modded" as a filter option to Java installations
  • Improvements to Java installations search field
  • Layout improvements to Minecraft: Java Edition play page
  • Change background of Minecraft: Java Edition play page (thanks r/Minecraft for the height fixes discussion that brought this to light)
  • Resolved an issue where we hide all installations in the play page if you have none selected in the installations tab
  • Added a link to web regarding player safety features to the safety notification pop-up
  • Resolved an issue where the launcher will not open if you have a game running
  • Resolved an issue where the default skins in the launcher was not the same as in the game
  • Removed odd/even color on log window
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the search box
  • Fixed issues related to text length and screen width in the help section
  • Minor updates to texts in the installer


  • MCL-15655 - Account list does not update after switching accounts without restarting the Launcher
  • MCL-15714 - Give feedback: Minecraft Dungeons link in Help menu takes users to non-existent page
  • MCL-15715 - Mojang Support Twitter account link is not properly capitalized
  • MCL-15654 - Info about Mojang Account (Email) is missing a comma after 'Otherwise'
  • MCL-15668 - FAQ/Support Center link directs users to help.mojang.com
  • MCL-15646 - Modded versions do not show up when only they are filtered to show up
  • MCL-15401 - Clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page takes user to the minecraft.net homepage
  • MCL-15376 - useCoreError/index.tsx:84 uses the term "login", when it should say "log in"


  • As a result of this version of the launcher adding Microsoft account support, players who bought Minecraft: Java Edition before December 1, 2020 don't need a Microsoft Account to play the game until all Mojang accounts are migrated to Microsoft accounts.