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Minecraft launcher

Release date

March 1, 2021

Development versions

2.2.2161 (Windows), 2.2.2162 (macOS), or 2.2.2159 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on March 1, 2021.



  • Introduced a major overhaul to the launcher, with an upgraded version of Chromium.
  • Introduced automatic update functionality on Linux (similar to macOS and Windows).
  • Ended support for Mac OS 10.9 because of the Chromium update.


  • MCL-17045 Game crashes directly after launch (caused by Optifine).
  • MCL-17053 Flames of the Nether DLC news article was incorrectly sized.
  • MCL-15849 Launcher uses outdated Chrome version for sign-in.
  • MCL-17098 Animation of Minecraft Dungeons Play button breaks said button.