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Minecraft launcher

Release date

January 27, 2021

2.2.1431 (Windows), 2.2.1432 (macOS), or 2.2.1441 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on January 27, 2021.



  • Improved checksum mismatch handling.
  • Added ability for Linux bootstrap to automatically update.
  • Removed stickiness for non-play buttons.
  • Removed extra right-padding on installation list items.
  • Only highlight 'news page' news on news page.
  • Vertically center Minecraft Dungeons background image.


  • Regaining connection to Minecraft Services no longer throws 'Unable to fetch news'
  • MCL-16344 - Scroll up bug.
  • MCL-16041 - Help buttons to feedback site use inconsistent links.
  • MCL-11214 - Latest Snapshot unticked but the Snapshot profile is there if latest version is release.