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Release date

March 31, 2022

2.2.12145 (Windows), 2.2.12146 (Windows, via the Microsoft Store/Xbox app), 2.2.12147 (macOS), or 2.2.12148 (Linux), was an update to the launcher released on March 31, 2022.

2.2.12146 and 2.2.12148 was released as non-beta versions on April 6, 2022[note 1]. 2.2.12145 and 2.2.12147 was never released as non-beta versions.


  • Added Bedrock Trial to the Launcher for users who don't own Bedrock.
  • Under the hood updates to build distribution pipeline to make build delivery more reliable.
  • Update to how News items tagged with multiple games shows up.
  • Update to how new Launcher gathers entitlements to fix game entitlements not showing up correctly for some users, as well as improvements to how Launcher queries under the hood to access game entitlements.
  • Work to make Launcher Patch Notes easier to find.
  • Improved error messaging, both in general and relating to bug MCL-11754 (Launcher.dll not present).


  • Fix to bug relating to Play button display.
  • Fixes to security & code issues to help create a more stable user experience across all versions of the Launcher.
  • MCL-11754 - Launcher.dll not present.
  • MCL-13539 - Creates empty folder.
  • MCL-17399 - Launcher process does not quit and becomes unresponsive after closing game in macOS.
  • MCL-19949 - Skin preview doesn't show 2nd layer from the inside.
  • MCL-20216 - The minecraft launcher cannot connect to minecraft services.


  1. The date of the inspection, the actual release date could be earlier.