Launcher 2.1.932x

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Minecraft launcher



Release date

November 4, 2019

Beta for


2.1.9324 (Linux), 2.1.9323 (macOS), or 2.1.9322 (Windows) was an update to the launcher.



  • MCL-11291 - Installation deletion dialog leaves out '<' and '>' in installation name
  • MCL-11293 - Launcher logs error "updateSettingsParams.settings.freeText: Unknown key"
  • MCL-11562 - Failed to locate library:
  • MCL-11572 - Dark Shadow Glitch
  • MCL-12076 - Download progress units are incorrect
  • MCL-12077 - Cannot launch minecraft on latest beta launcher.
  • MCL-12083 - [Linux] Cannot edit version of any installation
  • MCL-12104 - Beta launcher does not update "Last played" order
  • MCL-12105 - Launcher no longer has an icon on Windows
  • MCL-12229 - Launcher fails to start after trying to move Java license to a different disk
  • MCL-12393 - Steve skin preview uses outdated Steve skin
  • MCL-12399 - "Successfully updated your skin" message appears whenever switching account while in the skin menu
  • MCL-12400 - Skin library elements are not centered
  • MCL-12461 - Launcher consumes 100% cpu after starting a game
  • MCL-12466 - Applying skin message will hang after selecting a skin