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Minecraft Launcher

Release date

July 1, 2020

2.1.15850 (Windows and Dungeons), 2.1.15851 (macOS), or 2.1.15852 (Linux) was an update to the launcher released on July 1, 2020.


  • Removed GConf package dependency on Linux.
  • Enabled dynamic content caching.
  • Improved Dungeons download progress handling.
  • Better handling of storage space related errors.
  • Considered new Minecraft Dungeons save folder when uninstalling the game.
  • Added space reservation during product install.
  • Determined Launcher window dimensions based on desired "client area", on Windows.
  • Added "DLC" tab for Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Removed external link icon from buttons.
  • Added "Read more" button to Dungeons News highlight dialog.
  • Made entitlement fetching a bit more resilient to failures.
  • Style changes on Minecraft Dungeons news cards.
  • Added Suomi language to the launcher.[verify]


  • Fixed issue where Launcher was failing to start after receiving an update on Mac OS.