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Minecraft launcher



Release date

June 28, 2018

2.1.1216 (Windows), 2.1.1217 (macOS), or 2.1.1218 (Linux) was an update to the launcher.


  • Profiles can now be sorted by name or last play date.
  • Added a Copy button, which can copy a profile to another profile.


  • MCL-7178: Failed to Login: Bad login on old versions.
  • MCL-7282: Minecraft Launcher fails to pass Session ID to pre 1.7.2 Minecraft clients.
  • MCL-8112: Launcher tries to create "logs" directory in /opt/minecraft-launcher.
  • MCL-8389: Log output not auto-scrolling.
  • MCL-8649: Linux: "Missing key 'natives-linux' on libraries[*].downloads" when downloading versions 1.8 and lower.
  • MCL-8724: Linux launcher doesn't set working directory when launching.
  • MCL-9440: New Launcher launches minecraft with a working directory at the location of the launcher instead of the .minecraft directory.