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Release date

October 25, 2017

2.0.995 (Windows) or 2.0.996 (macOS) was an update to the launcher.


  • The .json file for versions in the versions folder was changed
    • The previous property minecraftArguments, which was at the end of the file, was changed to arguments at the beginning of the file.
      • The new property no longer contains call parameters as text lines. Instead it is no longer a text, but an object, which contains every call parameter as sub-property.
      • Now contains rules for the demo mode.
      • Now contains new platform independent rules for Java, along with an option to change the screen resolution.


  • MCL-1394: Custom Directory not used when using old game versions.
  • MCL-5391: Output log viewer is crashing.
  • MCL-5440: Launcher erases invalid profile directories.
  • MCL-5441: Empty profile directory causes launcher to pass malformed start arguments to Minecraft.
  • MCL-5461: Minecraft Game Output doesn't behave correctly sometimes when resized.
  • MCL-5467: Starting the launcher while offline crashes the launcher.
  • MCL-5636: Minecraft achievements have reset for all worlds with new launcher.
  • MCL-6482: Launcher crashes with unknown error.
  • MCL-7304: If you set the language to Japanese the launcher has garbled characters.