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Release date

February 9, 2017

2.0.806 (Windows) or 2.0.805 (macOS) was an update to the launcher.


  • MCL-1274: Logging in as guest.
  • MCL-1922: Uncommon unicode displayed as (?).
  • MCL-2182: Launcher doesn't update the download state of a Minecraft version.
  • MCL-2444: Changing profile runs on Event Dispatch Thread.
  • MCL-2743: Launcher opens too low (goes off screen).
  • MCL-2761: Long JVM arguments: Profile Editor spans multiple screens.
  • MCL-2820: Profile names have no length limitation, causing buttons to be below the "Play" button.
  • MCL-2872: Extreme lag / freeze when trying to select profile and MOJANG server are offline / no internet connection.
  • MCL-3262: Can't switch users in offline mode.
  • MCL-3306: Launcher can be made visible with a white screen using windows Alt + Space shortcuts.
  • MCL-3338: Visbility option has a tick box.
  • MCL-3559: Game Output scrolling bug.
  • MCL-3750: No indication when launcher fails to create directory.
  • MCL-3962: Launcher prints "Completely ignored arguments: [--nativeLauncherVersion, ###]".
  • MCL-4165: Pressing Play does not disable options to manipulate profile.
  • MCL-4454: Selecting from multiple profiles on same account always returns first from availableProfiles.
  • MCL-4563: Having _JAVA_OPTIONS set up to anything in Environment Variables makes the launcher crash.
  • MCL-4883: Outdated digital signature by Mojang for "Minecraft.exe".
  • MCL-5094: Launcher prints java.io.IOException: Stream closed multiple times in Launcher Log after closing game.
  • MCL-5646: Launcher stays on "Preparing..." after pressing "Play".