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Release date

April 18, 2013

0.1 was the first major launcher version released on April 18, 2013, replacing the old launcher used since Beta for 1.6.1.


  • .minecraft directory structure is changed:
    • "assets" folder; stores resources such as language packs and sounds.
      • All music discs now use .ogg format instead of .mus format.
    • "library" folder; stores Java libraries such as LWJGL and jinput.jar.
    • "versions" folder; there are file "versions.json" (meta data) and folders that stores minecraft.jar for each versions (but its name is same as its version. e.g. for 13w16a, "versions/13w16a/13w16a.jar").
  • Libraries and minecraft.jar are now separate.
  • The launcher is an executable.