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Lakes are bodies of liquids that are limited in size. In Minecraft, lake-like formations can be generated by a variety of biomes, features and terrain features, that are often mistakenly called "lakes", despite that there is no single cause for their generation.

The following biomes, features or terrain features are commonly referred to as "lakes":


  • A small ocean biome surrounded by land on all sides.
  • A wide section of a river biome.


  • Lava lakes, small pools of lava that generate in the Overworld above Y=0.
  • Deltas, one-block-deep sheets of constrained lava found in basalt deltas biomes in the Nether.
  • Clay pools, shallow water pools surrounded by clay found in lush caves biomes.

Terrain features[]

  • A large lake, where the terrain generates below the local water level in a non-aquatic biome.
  • An aquifer, which fills caves with water at different levels, creating underground lakes.
  • A lava aquifer, which fills certain caves with lava below Y=0, creating underground lava lakes.
  • Lava sea, which fills everywhere below Y=32 with lava in the Nether.

Removed features[]

  • Water lake, a small body of water that abundantly generated at any altitude in the Overworld.
  • Desert Lakes, a variant of the desert biome where large lakes generated more frequently.
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