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This is a list of key codes used by Minecraft, which are used in configuration files such as the options.txt file in the Minecraft directory.

Java Edition[]

Value In-game name Description
key.keyboard.unknown Key is not bound
key.mouse.left Left Button Left mouse button
key.mouse.right Right Button Right mouse button
key.mouse.middle Middle Button Mouse scroll wheel
key.mouse.4 Button 4 Fourth mouse button
key.mouse.5 Button 5 Fifth mouse button
key.mouse.6 Button 6 Sixth mouse button
key.mouse.7 Button 7 Seventh mouse button
key.mouse.8 Button 8 Eighth mouse button
key.keyboard.0 0
key.keyboard.1 1
key.keyboard.2 2
key.keyboard.3 3
key.keyboard.4 4
key.keyboard.5 5
key.keyboard.6 6
key.keyboard.7 7
key.keyboard.8 8
key.keyboard.9 9
key.keyboard.a a
key.keyboard.b b
key.keyboard.c c
key.keyboard.d d
key.keyboard.e e
key.keyboard.f f
key.keyboard.g g
key.keyboard.h h
key.keyboard.i i
key.keyboard.j j
key.keyboard.k k
key.keyboard.l l
key.keyboard.m m
key.keyboard.n n
key.keyboard.o o
key.keyboard.p p
key.keyboard.q q
key.keyboard.r r
key.keyboard.s s
key.keyboard.t t
key.keyboard.u u
key.keyboard.v v
key.keyboard.w w
key.keyboard.x x
key.keyboard.y y
key.keyboard.z z
key.keyboard.f1 F1
key.keyboard.f2 F2
key.keyboard.f3 F3
key.keyboard.f4 F4
key.keyboard.f5 F5
key.keyboard.f6 F6
key.keyboard.f7 F7
key.keyboard.f8 F8
key.keyboard.f9 F9
key.keyboard.f10 F10
key.keyboard.f11 F11
key.keyboard.f12 F12
key.keyboard.f13 F13
key.keyboard.f14 F14
key.keyboard.f15 F15
key.keyboard.f16 F16
key.keyboard.f17 F17
key.keyboard.f18 F18
key.keyboard.f19 F19
key.keyboard.f20 F20
key.keyboard.f21 F21
key.keyboard.f22 F22
key.keyboard.f23 F23
key.keyboard.f24 F24
key.keyboard.f25 F25
key.keyboard.num.lock Num Lock
key.keyboard.keypad.0 Keypad 0
key.keyboard.keypad.1 Keypad 1
key.keyboard.keypad.2 Keypad 2
key.keyboard.keypad.3 Keypad 3
key.keyboard.keypad.4 Keypad 4
key.keyboard.keypad.5 Keypad 5
key.keyboard.keypad.6 Keypad 6
key.keyboard.keypad.7 Keypad 7
key.keyboard.keypad.8 Keypad 8
key.keyboard.keypad.9 Keypad 9
key.keyboard.keypad.add Keypad +
key.keyboard.keypad.decimal Keypad Decimal
key.keyboard.keypad.enter Keypad Enter
key.keyboard.keypad.equal Keypad =
key.keyboard.keypad.multiply Keypad *
key.keyboard.keypad.divide Keypad /
key.keyboard.keypad.subtract Keypad -
key.keyboard.down Down Arrow
key.keyboard.left Left Arrow
key.keyboard.right Right Arrow
key.keyboard.up Up Arrow
key.keyboard.apostrophe '
key.keyboard.backslash \
key.keyboard.comma ,
key.keyboard.equal =
key.keyboard.grave.accent `
key.keyboard.left.bracket (
key.keyboard.minus -
key.keyboard.period .
key.keyboard.right.bracket )
key.keyboard.semicolon ;
key.keyboard.slash /
key.keyboard.space Space
key.keyboard.tab Tab
key.keyboard.left.alt Left Alt
key.keyboard.left.control Left Control
key.keyboard.left.shift Left Shift
key.keyboard.left.win Left Win
key.keyboard.right.alt Right Alt
key.keyboard.right.control Right Control
key.keyboard.right.shift Right Shift
key.keyboard.right.win Right Win
key.keyboard.enter Enter
key.keyboard.escape Escape
key.keyboard.backspace Backspace
key.keyboard.delete Delete
key.keyboard.end End
key.keyboard.home Home
key.keyboard.insert Insert
key.keyboard.page.down Page Down
key.keyboard.page.up Page Up
key.keyboard.caps.lock Caps Lock
key.keyboard.pause Pause
key.keyboard.scroll.lock Scroll Lock
key.keyboard.menu Menu
key.keyboard.print.screen Print Screen
key.keyboard.world.1 World 1
key.keyboard.world.2 World 2
scancode.### scancode.### Untranslated