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A spider jockey.

Jockey, by definition, refers to an entity riding another entity.


It refers to a naturally spawned mob riding another mob. Jockeys are named based on the mob being ridden. They also follow the spawning patterns of the bottom mob. The mob on the top controls the mob on the bottom, overwriting its AI and speed attributes. Jockeys cannot be separated unless one of the mobs are killed.

Jockeys can be spawned manually with the /summon command (also see Tutorials/Summoning jockeys).

List of mobs[]


These compound mobs are officially named by the developers of Minecraft.

Name Face Behavior Notes Image
Chicken Jockey ChickenJockeyFace.png Hostile A baby Zombie (or baby Zombified Piglin, baby Zombie Villager, baby Drowned, or baby Husk) riding a Chicken. Chicken Jockey.png
Skeleton Horseman SkeletonHorsemanFace.png Hostile A Skeleton (or Stray and Wither Skeleton) riding a Skeleton Horse. Skeleton Trap.png
Spider Jockey SpiderJockeyFace.png Hostile A Skeleton (or Stray and Wither Skeleton) riding a Spider (or Cave Spider[Bedrock Edition only]). Spider Jockey.png


These compound mobs don't have an official name, and were never referred to be official jockeys by Minecraft developers.