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I think Minecraft unleashes people's creativity and helps them collaborate, but also teaches them things like geometry, languages and maths, so yes, I do think that the world would be a better place if everyone played Minecraft.

Jeb at Minecraft Live 2020

Jens "Jeb" Bergensten is a Mojang Studios employee currently working as the lead creative designer of Java and Bedrock editions, and Minecraft Dungeons.


Jeb used the Minecraft Wiki as Jeb mojang,[8][note 1] where he was particularly active in the issue lists, which he sanctioned as the official place to report and discuss Minecraft bugs and annoyances before the introduction of the official bug tracker.

In April 2013, he was included in the annual TIME 100 list along with Notch.[9]

On May 11, 2013, Jeb married Jenny Bergensten (born Thornell), a photographer.[10] They had a son (Björn Bergensten) on December 10, 2015.[11]


Jeb joined Mojang on December 1, 2010, as a game developer.[5] Starting out as a back-end developer for Scrolls, Jeb became increasingly involved in the development of Minecraft, implementing features like wolves, pistons, and map structures (villages, strongholds and nether fortresses).

Jeb later took the lead position in Minecraft development in December 2011 when Markus Persson stepped down.[12][13] On December 12, 2012, he announced that he would also take the lead of Pocket Edition.[14]



  • Jeb is referred to as "gingerwithasoul" [sic] in the Scrolls trailer.[15]
  • Naming a sheep jeb_ will cause its wool to fade between all the dye colors.





  1. a b Jens' Minecraft Wiki name automatically changed from "Jeb" to "Jeb mojang" during the Gamepedia migration.