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This article is about what removed block IDs convert to, as well as to link to pages listing removed data variants of blocks. For blocks removed from Java Edition, see Removed blocks. For other removed features, see Java Edition removed features. For removed block variants in Bedrock Edition, see Bedrock Edition removed blocks.

Due to there currently not being a wide variety of blocks removed from any edition, all such cases are listed on the main Removed blocks page. This page lists all Java Edition block ID conversions, as well as linking to diverse lists of removed data variants of blocks.

Numeric ID replacements[]

Prior to 17w47a, block IDs were stored internally as integer values. As a result, certain removed blocks would end up having their numeric IDs used by another block from a future version. The table below lists all such conversions.

ID Block Name ID unused Block Replacement Version
First Last
021 Red Cloth.png Red Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.1_02 Lapis Lazuli Ore JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli Ore Beta 1.2
022 Orange Cloth.png Orange Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.1_02 Block of Lapis Lazuli JE1 BE1.png Block of Lapis Lazuli Beta 1.2
023 Yellow Cloth.png Yellow Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.1_02 Dispenser (S) JE1.png Dispenser Beta 1.2
024 Chartreuse Cloth.png Chartruese Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.1_02 Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Sandstone[cn 1] Beta 1.2
025 Green Cloth.png Green Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.1_02 Note Block JE1 BE1.png Note Block Beta 1.2
026 Spring Green Cloth.png Spring Green Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.2_02 Bed Foot (N) JE1.png Red Bed Beta 1.3
027 Cyan Cloth.png Cyan Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.4_01 Powered Rail (NS) JE1 BE1.png Powered Rail Beta 1.5
028 Capri Cloth.png Capri Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.4_01 Detector Rail (NS) JE1 BE1.png Detector Rail Beta 1.5
029 Ultramarine Cloth.png Ultramarine Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.6.6 Sticky Piston (U) JE1.png Sticky Piston Beta 1.7
030 Violet Cloth.png Violet Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.4_01 Cobweb JE1 BE1.png Cobweb Beta 1.5
031 Purple Cloth.png Purple Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.5_01 Dead Bush JE1 BE1.png Shrub[cn 1] Beta 1.6 Test Build 3
032 Magenta Cloth.png Magenta Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.5_01 Dead Bush JE1 BE1.png Dead Bush Beta 1.6 Test Build 3
033 Rose Cloth.png Rose Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.6.6 Piston (U) JE1.png Piston Beta 1.7
034 Dark Gray Cloth JE2.png Dark Gray Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.6.6 Piston Head (U) JE1.png Piston Head Beta 1.7
035 Light Gray Cloth JE2.png Light Gray Cloth never White Wool JE1 BE1.png Wool[cn 1] Minecraft Infdev 20100624
036 White Wool JE1 BE1.png White Cloth inf-20100624 Beta 1.6.6 Blank.png Moving Piston Beta 1.7
052 Water Spawner.png Infinite Water Source inf-20100624 inf-20100625-1 Spawner JE1.png Spawner Minecraft Infdev 20100625-2
053 Lava Spawner.png Infinite Lava Source inf-20100624 inf-20100627 Oak Stairs (N) JE1 BE1.png Oak Stairs Minecraft Infdev 20100629
055 Gear (N).png Gear never Inactive Redstone Wire (NESW) JE1.png Redstone Wire Alpha v1.0.1
095 Missing Model JE2.png Locked chest never White Stained Glass JE1.png Stained Glass[cn 1] Java Edition 1.7.2 13w41a
  1. a b c d This numeric ID included variants of the block in question, which were eventually split into separate IDs as part of the Flattening.