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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.
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This page documents an unreleased version. 
While there is proof of this version's existence, it was never released to the public.

rd-20090515 is a pre-Classic version made on May 15, 2009, around 22:25:16 UTC.[1][note 1] This version was never released. Although there is a version titled "rd-20090515" in the launcher which appears to be this version, attempting to play it downloads rd-161348 instead.



Dirt JE1 BE1 Dirt
  • New block.
  • Generated from grass blocks.
  • Transforms to grass when is next to a grass block.
Cobblestone JE1 Cobblestone
  • Has a slightly modified texture of the previous texture for stone.
Oak Planks JE1 Planks
  • New wood-like block.


  • Spawn Human mobs by pressing G.[2]
  • Block picking using the number keys from 1 to 4.
  • Support for different block types and dynamic blocks.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Crosshair (+).
    • In this version, it was very thin.
  • A thin layer of fog can now be seen in the distance of lit block surfaces.
  • The currently selected building block will now display in the top-right corner of the screen.



Grass block
  • Top texture is slightly brighter.
  • Grass blocks now have side and bottom textures, rather than the same texture on each side.
  • Grass exists on dirt while under light.[2]
    • Grass blocks revert to dirt over time when they have no light.[2]
    • Grass blocks revert to dirt when a block is on top of it.
  • Removed the ability to place grass blocks legitimately.
  • New texture, old texture was recycled and modified for cobblestone.


  • Reduced the number of humans who spawn from 100 to 10.
  • Humans who fall below level Y = -100 are now removed from the world.
  • Humans now appear darker when in shade.[2]
  • Changed player's physics. Now they can jump farther, walk and fall faster.


  • Shadows have been brightened.
Level generation
  • Unless a level.dat from an older version is launched, the world is no longer flat.
  • Loading a world from older pre-Classic versions causes all blocks to become stone.
  • Moving is much slower when in midair.


  • This version is the version shown in the "Minecraft progress." video.
  • The game was renamed from "Cave Game" to "Minecraft: Order of the Stone" prior to this version.[3]
  • The "rd" before the version number stands for RubyDung, a game Notch was working on before Minecraft, whose codebase was later reused for Minecraft.
  • There was a version in the launcher titled "rd-20090515" (an alternative name for this version), however, rd-20090515 is not on the Minecraft download servers, as attempting to download it will download rd-161348 instead, a much later version.



  1. The .json file lists the date at being 22:00 UTC on May 14; this is merely the default for versions with no specified release time.