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The only archived copy of this version is edited. 
A copy of this version has been archived, however, despite the fact that it plays correctly, it is not bit-perfectly original.
If you believe you have a clean, unedited copy of this version, please post on this page's talk page.

Java Edition

Release date

May 16, 2009


Client (.json)

rd-161348 is a pre-Classic version made on May 16, 2009, at 11:48 UTC.[1]

A version called "rd-161348" is available in the launcher. However, it is not an original 2009 version, rather it is recompiled from source code with dates edited to match 2009, and also contains a terrain.png from Classic version 0.0.13a and signature files from 2013.[note 1]

This version is duplicated in the launcher, as attempting to play rd-20090515 will instead download rd-161348.



Saplings[note 2]
  • Pressing 6 will select it.
    • There is nothing on 5 as Notch thought the sapling texture was ugly and wanted to hide it.[2]
  • Will disappear if in darkness or not on Dirt or Grass.



Oak Planks JE2.png Wooden Planks
  • Texture changed from Oak Planks JE1.png.

World Generation[]

  • Cliffs are now much more common.
  • Objects in the distance appear a tiny bit darker.


  • The launcher variant of this version uses textures from later versions[note 2].
  • Particles now follow the player's location (a player facing up will see the full particle rather than a sliver of the side).
  • Made the crosshair graphic thicker.
  • The block preview in the top-right corner of the screen has been flipped.


  • Fixed rendering glitch where the world became invisible at certain angles.


  • The terrain.png file for this version is dated May 21, 2009 03:02 UTC+2[note 1] (in Sweden), which is after this version was released. The textures in this version are replaced with ones from Classic 0.0.13a.
    • Classic 0.0.14a_08 was released on May 28, 2009 and Classic 0.0.13a was released May 22, 2009.
    • The terrain.png in Classic 0.0.13a is bit-for-bit identical to the one in this version.
  • The "rd" before the version number stands for RubyDung, a game Notch was working on before Minecraft, whose codebase was later reused for Minecraft.
    • This is the last version to use this.



  1. a b c The char.png and terrain.png files in the launcher's variant of this version have last-modified times of 21:25:46 and 03:03:00, respectively, in UTC+3. In char.png and terrain.png files from nearby versions that are identical to those in rd-161348, their last-modified times are exactly an hour earlier, i.e. UTC+2. Since time zone changes do not affect jar file contents, the launcher's rd-161348 is a repackage of the original rd-161348, during which a time zone change affected its loose files.
  2. a b c The variant of rd-161348 from the launcher uses textures from Classic 0.0.13a, so its sapling texture is Oak Sapling JE2.png and its wood planks texture is Oak Planks JE2.png.


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  2. IRC logs (May 18, 2009)[citation needed]: "[00:50:09] <Notch_> it's very ugly, so i "hid" it one letter over. ;)"