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Light Blue Concrete Powder
The only archived copy of this version is edited. 
A copy of this version has been archived, however, despite the fact that it plays correctly, it is not bit-perfectly original.
If you believe you have a clean, unedited copy of this version, please post on this page's talk page.

rd-160052 is a pre-Classic version made on May 15, 2009, at 22:52 UTC.[1][note 1] It is available in the launcher. The copy in the launcher is recompiled from source code, with dates edited to March 2009, making it technically not original. Additionally, it appears to be tampered with further in order to make the game run in fullscreen by default.


Non-mob entities[]

  • Added "block particle" entities.
    • They appear when blocks are broken.
    • Fall to the ground before disappearing.


  • When alt-tabbing the GUI disappears (Linux).
  • Rendering glitches occur every so often over time.


  • The name of the game is changed from "Minecraft: Order of the Stone" to simply just "Minecraft".
  • The "rd" before the version number stands for RubyDung, a game Notch was working on before Minecraft, whose codebase was later reused for Minecraft.
  • When taking a screenshot with PrintScreen, it will take a screenshot of the frame that the program first showed on the screen. Each time the player runs or alt-tabs into the program, it updates that image in memory. When the player hits print screen, it doesn't take what's shown on the player's screen, but for some reason pulls it from that memory.



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  1. While some sources imply that this version was released on May 16, it was actually released at 22:52 UTC on May 15 (which is 00:52 on May 16, Sweden time).