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For unused and teased textures, see History of textures.

This page documents the history of texture files used in Java Edition.


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Java Edition Classic
0.0.12aDirt (texture) JE1 BE1.png Bedrock (texture) JE1 BE1.png Water (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added three individual files with block textures. dirt.png used for loading background, rock.png for bedrock on border and water.png for water on border.
0.0.14aClouds (texture) JE1.png Added the texture for clouds.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTDestroy 0 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 1 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 2 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 3 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 4 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 5 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 6 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 7 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 8 JE1 BE1.png Destroy 9 JE1 BE1.png
Added the block crack textures.
0.26 SURVIVAL TESTRain (texture) JE1.png Added rain's texture.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091223-1Shadow (texture) JE1.png The texture used for entity shadows has been added.
20100211Sun (texture) JE1 BE1.png Moon (texture) JE1 BE1.png Added sun.png and moon.png.
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100611Fluff (texture) JE1.png Added the flufftexture applied to clouds.
20100624Vignette (texture) JE1.png Added vignette.png.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0previewDial (texture) JE1.png Added dial.png, used for clock texture generation.
Pumpkin Blur (texture) JE1.png Added pumpkinblur.png, texture for the screen effect when wearing a pumpkin.
Compressed vignette.png.
v1.2.2Removed fluff.png due to it becoming unused and the texture pack reform.
Java Edition Beta
1.6Test Build 3Destroy 0 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 1 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 2 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 3 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 4 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 5 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 6 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 7 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 8 JE2 BE2.png Destroy 9 JE2 BE2.png
The destruction textures now have a transparent background.
1.8Pre-releaseEnd Portal (texture) JE1.png Added particlefield.png, which would eventually by used for the end portal.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3End Sky (texture) JE1.png Added tunnel.png, texture for the End sky.
1.3.112w23aEnd Sky (texture) JE2.png Changed tunnel.png.
?Renamed tunnel.png to end_sky.png.
?Compressed end_sky.png.