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This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in the Pretty Scary Update (Java Edition 1.4.x releases), which assumes at least some knowledge of the Java Edition 1.3.x releases.



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Wither Wither JE1 BE1
  • Can only be spawned by placing 4 blocks of soul sand in a T shape, and putting 3 wither skeleton skulls on top of the three upper blocks (see image below).
  • Three-headed flying player-created boss mob shooting projectiles at any mob (that isn't undead) and players
  • After spawning, it flashes blue, builds up health, grows slightly and is invincible for a few seconds - Then it explodes and starts attacking players and mobs
  • Each head can fire projectiles, so-called wither skulls, at different targets
    • Shoots two kinds of projectiles - a blue one from the little heads, targeting mobs and a dark one from the big head targeting players
    • When hit by projectiles, players get the wither II effect, which acts like a slower Poison effect that can kill and turns affected players' health bars' hearts black
  • Constantly regenerates health
  • Gains 'wither armor' when taken down to half health, making it immune to arrows
  • Darkens the sky when spawned in the Overworld
Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton Revision 1

5, plus 1–3 per equipment piece (when killed by a player or tamed wolf)

Rare Drops

Spawned Equipment

  • Give players wither effect when hitting them
  • Will rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, head wear, items, blocks, weapons and tools
    • Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying
  • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players
Zombie Villager Zombie Villager
  • Anywhere in the overworld where the light level is 7 or less
  • Have a 5% chance of spawning instead of a normal zombie.
  • Have a chance of spawning when a villager is killed by a zombie (0% chance in easy, 50% chance in normal, 100% chance in hard).
  • Can be cured into a villager using a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness.
  • Have the same bodies as normal zombies, only the head is different.
Baby Zombie and Baby Zombie Villager Baby Zombie Revision 1Baby Zombie Villager
  • Anywhere in the overworld where the light level is 7 or less
  • Smaller and faster than normal zombies.
Witch Witch Revision 2

They make 1–3 drops of 0–2 items each, for a maximum of 6 items total.

Bat Bat Revision 1
  • Spawn in groups of two in the Overworld at a light level of 3 or less on opaque blocks below layer 63.
    • Between October 20 and November 3, they only require a light level of 6 or less to spawn.
    • On Superflat worlds, bats spawn below the top non-air layer, ignoring the usual layer-63 limitation.



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Command Block Impulse Command Block JE1
  • Only obtainable using /give <playername> 137
Beacon Beacon JE4 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Glass +
Nether Star +
Nether Star
  • Any
    • It will always take exactly 4.5 seconds to break it, regardless of tool used
  • Continuously glows and gives a selected status effect to players within a set amount of blocks while beaming a beacon of light directly upwards
  • Activated by building a solid pyramid of iron/gold/emerald/diamond blocks underneath (can be used interchangeably) and selecting an effect
    • The cheapest configuration requires 9 blocks (one layer), while the best configuration requires 164 blocks (four layers)
  • Unlockable effects, with increasing amounts of required layers of blocks
  • When all 4 layers of blocks underneath are built correctly, a second status effect can be chosen
Anvil Anvil JE1 BE1Chipped Anvil JE1 BE1Damaged Anvil JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Iron +
Iron Ingot

  • Pickaxe
  • Used for repairing and combining enchanted items as well as for renaming any block or item at the cost of experience levels
    • Tools can also be repaired using one piece of their material
    • Enchantments that are the same are upgraded by one level as long as they are both the same level and the higher level exists
      • Conflicting enchantments will be removed and only the first one will be kept
  • Becomes damaged from using and dropping it
    • Damage persists in the inventory and splits up into 3 categories: Anvil, Slightly Damaged Anvil & Very Damaged Anvil
Flower Pot Flower Pot JE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe

  • Any
Cobblestone Wall and Mossy Cobblestone Wall Cobblestone Wall JE1 BE1Mossy Cobblestone Wall JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Cobblestone or
Mossy Cobblestone

  • Pickaxe
Mob Head Skeleton SkullWither Skeleton SkullZombie HeadPlayer HeadCreeper Head
  • Any
    • If a player head has a custom skin, the skin will be preserved when broken.
  • Can be put on the ground in 16 orientations and hung on walls
  • Can be worn
Wooden Button Oak Button (S) JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Oak Planks

  • Axe
  • Unlike stone buttons, can be activated by arrows
  • When pressed, will stay activated longer that stone buttons
Carrot and Potato Crops Carrots Age 0-1 JE1Carrots Age 2-3 JE1Carrots Age 4-6 JE1Carrots Age 7 JE1

Potatoes Age 0-1 JE1Potatoes Age 2-3 JE1Potatoes Age 4-6 JE1Potatoes Age 7 JE1

  • Created by planting carrots and potatoes on farmland.
  • Any
  • Drop multiple carrots or potatoes when fully grown.
Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Slab JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Nether Bricks
  • Pickaxe
  • Can be used as a building block
  • Added in 1.4.6


Name Image Changed
Chest / Ender Chest Xmas ChestXmas Large Chest
  • When the computer's clock is set to a date between December 24 and 26, Chests and Ender Chests[verify] become retextured to look like presents.
  • Added in 1.4.6.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Potato, Poisonous Potato, and Baked Potato Potato JE1 BE1Poisonous Potato JE1 BE1Baked Potato JE2 BE1
Name Ingredients Smelting recipe
Baked Potato Potato +
Any fuel

  • Potatoes can be planted on hydrated soil and drop 1-4 potatoes when fully grown
  • Poisonous potatoes have a 60% chance to poison the player when eaten
  • Potatoes restore 1 (🍗) hunger and 0.6 saturation
  • Poisonous potatoes restore 2 (🍗) hunger and 1.2 saturation
  • Baked potatoes restore 6 (🍗🍗🍗) hunger and 6 saturation
Carrot and Golden Carrot Carrot JE2 BE1Golden Carrot JE3 BE1
Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Golden Carrot Gold Nugget +

  • Carrots can be planted on hydrated soil and drop 2-4 carrots when fully grown
  • Carrots restore 4 (🍗🍗) hunger and 3.6 saturation
  • Golden carrots restore 6 (🍗🍗🍗) hunger and 14.4 saturation
Carrot on a Stick Carrot on a Stick JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Fishing Rod or
Damaged Fishing Rod +

Damaged Carrot on a Stick

  • Used to control pigs
    • When held, it dictates the direction pigs players are riding will head in
  • Nearby pigs flock towards players holding it
  • Pigs start slow but end up going about 5 blocks per second
  • Slowly loses durability when riding pigs
  • The pigs 'eat' the carrot eventually, leaving the player a fishing rod and will require another carrot to continue riding
  • Can be used to give the pig a short speed boost
    • This takes up a chunk of the durability
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Pumpkin +
Sugar +

Nether Star Nether Star JE2 BE1
  • Used to craft the new beacon
  • Glows like an enchanted item
  • When dropped, it cannot be destroyed by explosions and will take more than twice as long to despawn than other items
Music Disc (Wait) Music Disc Wait JE1 BE1
  • Has a chance to drop when a skeleton kills a creeper.
  • Plays the song "Wait" by C418.
  • Added in 1.4.4.
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book
  • Used to apply enchantments to items using an Anvil.
  • Added in 1.4.6.
Firework Rocket Firework Rocket JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Paper +
When crafted this way (without a firework star), the rocket does not have explosion effects. More or less Gunpowder affects the Flight Duration
Any Firework Star +
Paper +
Adding more gunpowder increases the duration of the rocket. Up to three gunpowder can be used. Up to five firework stars can also be used with three gunpowder. Up to seven firework stars can be used by using firework stars instead of additional gunpowder. All firework stars explode almost simultaneously when the rocket detonates.
  • Projectiles which can be launched into the air and explode.
  • added in 1.4.6.
Firework Star Firework Star JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Gunpowder +
Matching Dye +
Extra ingredients (optional)

Up to eight dyes can be added.
One head, gold nugget, feather, or fire charge can be added.
Both the diamond and the glowstone dust can be added with any of the other ingredients.
Matching Firework Star +
Any Dye

Adds a "fade to color" effect to the firework star, overwriting any existing fades.
Up to eight dyes can be added.
Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Gunpowder +
Bone Meal or
Lapis Lazuli or
Cocoa Beans or
Ink Sac +
Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or
Fire Charge +
Glowstone Dust +

[Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education only]
Up to eight dyes can be added.
One head, gold nugget, feather, or fire charge can be added.
Both the diamond and the glowstone dust can be added with any of the other ingredients.
White Firework Star or
Blue Firework Star or
Brown Firework Star or
Black Firework Star +
Bone Meal or
Lapis Lazuli or
Cocoa Beans or
Ink Sac

[Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Education only]
Adds a "fade to color" effect to the firework star, overwriting any existing fades.
Up to eight dyes can be added.
  • Used to determine the color and shape of firework explosions.
  • Added in 1.4.6.
Bat and Witch Spawn Eggs Bat Spawn Egg JE1 BE1Witch Spawn Egg JE1 BE1
  • Available in the creative inventory.
  • Can be used to spawn the respective mob.


Name Image Changed
Music Disc (11) Music Disc 11 JE1 BE1
  • Can now drop from creepers killed by skeletons like other music discs.



Name Obtaining Effects
Potion of Night Vision
Ingredients Brewing recipe
Golden Carrot +
Awkward Potion

Potion of Invisibility
Ingredients Brewing recipe
Fermented Spider Eye +
Potion of Night Vision

Non-mob entities[]


Name Image Creation Drops Note
Item Frame Item Frame Revision 1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Stick +

  • All items and blocks can be framed
  • Clocks, compasses and maps function
    • Maps show only one marker, the frame itself
    • Mounted maps are marked on copies of the map


Name Image Changed
Painting Wither (painting texture) JE1 BE1
  • Added a new painting depicting the creation of the Wither.
  • This is the only painting not based on a real painting by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, and is also the only painting to have been added in a post-release version so far.



Name Image Generates Chests Mobs Description
Witch Hut Swamp hut JE1 BE1
  • Generates in Swamp biomes
  • None



Enchantment Max Level Applicable Items Notes
Thorns III
  • Damages attackers.



Name Image Causes Description
Wither Wither (effect) JE1 BE1 Withers and Wither Skeletons Inflicts damage over time. Unlike Poison, it has the potential to be fatal on its own.



Name Trigger Sound
Zombie, Skeleton, Cow, Pig, Spider, Enderman, Ghast, Silverfish, Magma Cube, Wolf, Ender Dragon, Bat, and Anvil
  • Added sounds
Wood, Stone, Sand, Gravel, Plants
  • Added sounds for placing blocks
Sand, Gravel, Soul Sand, Grass Block, and Stone
  • Added sounds for walking on the block
Zombie Villager
  • Added sounds for curing, infecting, and a remedy sound
  • Added sounds for setting things on fire
  • Added sounds for climbing ladders
  • Added sounds for riding minecarts
  • Added a sound for leveling up, which is played every five levels
  • Added constant noise to liquids