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For the Bedrock Edition version of this guide, see Bedrock Edition guides/Buzzy Bees.

This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in the Buzzy Bees update (Java Edition 1.15.x releases), which assumes at least some familiarity with the Village & Pillage update (Java Edition 1.14.x releases).



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Spawn near bee nests.
  • Inflict poison if provoked.
  • Attack in a swarm.


Name Image Changed
All Mobs
  • Better at avoiding walking through lava.
Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon
  • Removed a black dot on the transparent parts of wing texture.
  • Removed texture for part of wing bottom in the exploding ender dragon.
Iron Golem Iron GolemIron Golem Cracked LowIron Golem Cracked MediumIron Golem Cracked High
  • Now use the generic.attackDamage attribute.
  • Now starts cracking upon losing health.
    • There are 4 stages, from uncracked to fully cracked, before the golem dies.
  • Can be healed using iron ingots.
  • One iron ingot restores 25% of its health.
    • It takes 4 iron ingots to repair an Iron Golem from 1 HP to full health.
Magma Cube, Ocelot, and Slime Magma CubeOcelotSlime
  • Now use the generic.attackDamage attribute.
Parrot Red ParrotBlue ParrotGreen ParrotCyan ParrotGray ParrotSitting Red ParrotSitting Blue ParrotSitting Green ParrotSitting Cyan ParrotSitting Gray Parrot
Nitwit Villagers Plains NitwitDesert NitwitJungle NitwitSavanna NitwitSnowy NitwitSwamp NitwitTaiga Nitwit
  • No longer have a leveling gemstone in their belt.



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Beehive (S) JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any Planks +

  • Axe
  • Houses bees.
  • If the player breaks or harvests honey from it, its bees will become hostile to the player.
    • Bees inside the hive will not turn hostile if it is harvested with Silk Touch.
    • Bees will not turn hostile if there is a campfire underneath the hive when honeycombs or honey bottles are harvested.
Bee Nest
Bee Nest (S) JE1 BE1

Spawn naturally in forests, birch forests, tall birch forests, flower forests, plains, sunflower plains, birch forest hills, tall birch hills, and wooded hills biomes.

  • Functions the same as beehives.
Honey Block
Honey Block JE1 BE2
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Honey Bottle

  • Any
  • Works the same way as slime blocks.
    • Does not stick to slime blocks.
  • Carries mobs along that are standing on it while being moved, in contrast to slime blocks.
  • Mobs will usually avoid walking on them.
  • Entities can slide down its sides, similar to a ladder.
  • Falling on it absorbs 80% of fall damage.
Honeycomb Block
Honeycomb Block JE1 BE1
Ingredients Crafting recipe

  • Any
  • Decorative block.


Name Image Changed
  • Will now ring if powered with a redstone signal.
  • No longer causes the hand animation to play when used on in a non-functional spot.
Campfire JE2 BE2
  • Can now be extinguished with a shovel.
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Any wood Slab

  • Now crafted with wooden slabs (like in Bedrock Edition), instead of fences and wooden planks.
  • Can now harvest honeycombs when dispensing shears on bee nests and beehives filled with honey.
    • The honeycomb items will be dropped on the ground.
  • Can now collect water bottles and honey bottles when dispensing glass bottles on water and beehives.
  • Can now place down armor stands.
  • Fire charges launched from a dispenser now light campfires.
  • Firework rockets dispensed from a dispenser now travel in the direction they were fired.
End Stone Bricks
End Stone Bricks JE2 BE2
  • Now have the same hardness and blast resistance as end stone.
  • Blocks that can be manually placed on farmland without turning it into dirt can now also be pushed onto it by a piston without turning the farmland.
Iron Doors
Iron Door
  • Must now be mined with a pickaxe for it to be dropped as an item.
Large Fern
Large Fern JE2
  • Now drop wheat seeds.
Melon Stems and Pumpkin Stems
Attached Melon Stem
Attached Pumpkin Stem
  • Attached stems now drop their seeds again when broken.
Nether portal
Nether Portal
  • Portals from the overworld can now correctly link with portals placed in the top half of the Nether.
  • Now places facing the player, rather than always north-south.
Redstone Comparators
Redstone Comparator
  • Can now detect how much honey is inside beehives and bee nests.
    • The output strength is equal to the amount of honey in the hive.
Oak and Birch Saplings Oak SaplingBirch Sapling
  • Oak and birch saplings grown with a flower 2 blocks away within a 5×3×5 volume centered on the sapling have a 5% chance to generate a bee nest on the side of the tree.
Stripped Woods Stripped Oak WoodStripped Spruce WoodStripped Birch WoodStripped Jungle WoodStripped Acacia WoodStripped Dark Oak Wood
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Matching Stripped Log
  • Can now be crafted out of stripped logs.
Wet Sponge
Wet Sponge JE2 BE2
Dark Prismarine
Dark Prismarine JE2 BE2
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Prismarine Shard +
Black Dye

  • Now crafted with black dye instead of an ink sac.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Honey Bottle Honey Bottle JE1 BE2
  • Obtained by using a bottle on beehives/nests with a honey_level of 5.
  • Restores 6 (🍗🍗🍗) and 1.2 saturation.
  • Removes poison.
  • Used to craft honey blocks.
  • Can be consumed regardless of the player's hunger.
Honeycomb Honeycomb JE2 BE2
  • Obtained by using shears on beehives/nests with a honey_level of 5.
  • Used to craft beehives and honeycomb blocks.

Spawn Egg (Bee)

Bee Spawn Egg
  • Can be obtained only via creative inventory.


Name Image Changed
Boat Oak Boat (item) JE4 BE3Spruce Boat (item) JE2 BE3Birch Boat (item) JE2 BE3Jungle Boat (item) JE2 BE3Acacia Boat (item) JE2 BE3Dark Oak Boat (item) JE2 BE3
  • When used as fuel, one boat now smelts 6 items in a furnace, blast furnace, or smoker instead of 1.

Spawn egg
(Drowned, Husk, Zombie Pigman, Zombie, and Zombie Villager)

  • Can now be used on adult versions of these mobs to spawn baby variants.

Non-mob entities[]


Name Image Changed
Dragon Fireball
Dragon Fireball JE2
Experience Orb Experience Orb Value -32768-2Experience Orb Value 3-6Experience Orb Value 7-16Experience Orb Value 17-36Experience Orb Value 37-72Experience Orb Value 73-148Experience Orb Value 149-306Experience Orb Value 307-616Experience Orb Value 617-1236Experience Orb Value 1237-2476Experience Orb Value 2477-32767
  • Experience orbs now appear at the same spatial and temporal location as loot when an entity is killed.
  • Now render as translucent again.



Name Image Changed
Dark Forest
Dark Forest
Giant Tree Taiga
Giant Tree Taiga
  • Now spawn foxes in all taiga variants.



Name Image Changed
Instant Damage Instant Damage
  • Added an effect sprite.
Instant Health Instant Health
  • Added an effect sprite.
Saturation Saturation
  • Added an effect sprite.