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Beta 1.4 releases

Java Edition

Released versions

This guide is a simplified overview of all the changes in the Java Edition Beta 1.4.x releases, which assumes at least some familiarity with Beta 1.3.x releases



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Wolf Wolf Revision 1.pngTamed Wolf with Red Collar Revision 1.pngAngry Wolf Revision 1.png Forest None
  • Wild Wolves can be tamed using bones.
  • Wild Wolves become aggressive when attacked.


Name Image Changed
Sheep Brown Sheep JE1.pngPink Sheep JE1.png
  • Brown and pink sheep can now spawn naturally.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Cookie Cookie JE1 BE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Wheat +
Cocoa Beans
  • Are the only stackable food in this version.


Name Image Changed
Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans JE1 BE1.png
  • Can now be found in dungeon chests.


Menu screen
  • Changed Minecraft logo from Java Edition logo 6.png to Java Edition logo 7.png.

Joke Features[edit]


Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Locked Chest Chest (S) JE1.png Generated in random locations Axe
  • When opened, a link is prompted that will take the player to a fake microtransaction page.