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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
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Reason: Repoint the images used to old renders that actually reflect 1.12.2's models. These values apply to both inventory items and to blocks placed in the world
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
0 0 air Air
Stone JE4.png 1 1 stone Stone S B
Grass Block JE6 BE5.png 2 2 grass Grass Block
Dirt JE2 BE2.png 3 3 dirt Dirt S B
Cobblestone JE3 BE2.png 4 4 cobblestone Cobblestone
Oak Planks JE4 BE2.png 5 5 planks Wood Planks S B
Oak Sapling JE11 move.png 6 6 sapling Sapling S B
Bedrock JE1 BE1.png 7 7 bedrock Bedrock
Water JE15.png 8 8 flowing_water Water S
Water JE15.png 9 9 water Stationary Water S
Lava JE4.png 10 A flowing_lava Lava S
Lava JE4.png 11 B lava Stationary Lava S
Sand JE3 BE2.png 12 C sand Sand S B
Gravel JE4 BE3.png 13 D gravel Gravel
Gold Ore JE2 BE1.png 14 E gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore JE1 BE1.png 15 F iron_ore Iron Ore
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Coal Ore JE1 BE1.png 16 10 coal_ore Coal Ore
Oak Log (UD) JE2 BE1.png 17 11 log Wood S B
Oak Leaves JE3 BE4.png 18 12 leaves Leaves S B
Sponge JE2 BE2.png 19 13 sponge Sponge S B
Glass JE3 BE1.png 20 14 glass Glass
Lapis Lazuli Ore JE1 BE1.png 21 15 lapis_ore Lapis Lazuli Ore
Block of Lapis Lazuli JE2 BE2.png 22 16 lapis_block Lapis Lazuli Block
Dispenser (S) JE3.png 23 17 dispenser Dispenser S E
Sandstone JE2 BE2.png 24 18 sandstone Sandstone S B
Note Block JE1 BE1.png 25 19 noteblock Note Block E
Red Bed (N) JE3.png 26 1A bed Bed I S
Powered Rail (NS) JE1 BE1.png 27 1B golden_rail Powered Rail S
Detector Rail (NS) JE1 BE1.png 28 1C detector_rail Detector Rail S
Sticky Piston (U) JE2 BE1.png 29 1D sticky_piston Sticky Piston S
Cobweb JE1 BE1.png 30 1E web Cobweb
Grass JE3.png 31 1F tallgrass Grass S B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Dead Bush JE1 BE1.png 32 20 deadbush Dead Bush
Piston (U) JE1.png 33 21 piston Piston S
Piston Head (U) JE2.png 34 22 piston_head Piston Head S
White Wool JE2 BE2.png 35 23 wool Wool S B
36 24 piston_extension Block moved by Piston E
Dandelion JE3.png 37 25 yellow_flower Dandelion
Poppy JE6 BE1.png 38 26 red_flower Poppy S B
Brown Mushroom JE2.png 39 27 brown_mushroom Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom JE2.png 40 28 red_mushroom Red Mushroom
Block of Gold JE4 BE2.png 41 29 gold_block Block of Gold
Block of Iron JE3 BE2.png 42 2A iron_block Block of Iron
Double Smooth Stone Slab JE1 BE1.png 43 2B double_stone_slab Double Stone Slab S B
Smooth Stone Slab JE2 BE2.png 44 2C stone_slab Stone Slab S B
Bricks JE4 BE2.png 45 2D brick_block Bricks
TNT JE2 BE1.png 46 2E tnt TNT
Bookshelf JE2 BE1.png 47 2F bookshelf Bookshelf
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Mossy Cobblestone JE2 BE1.png 48 30 mossy_cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone
Obsidian JE1 BE1.png 49 31 obsidian Obsidian
Torch JE3 BE1.png 50 32 torch Torch S
Fire JE7.png 51 33 fire Fire S
Spawner JE2.png 52 34 mob_spawner Spawner E
Oak Stairs (N) JE5 BE5.png 53 35 oak_stairs Oak Stairs S
Chest (S) JE2.png 54 36 chest Chest S E
Inactive Redstone Wire (unconnected) JE2.png 55 37 redstone_wire Redstone Wire I S
Diamond Ore JE1 BE1.png 56 38 diamond_ore Diamond Ore
Block of Diamond JE3 BE2.png 57 39 diamond_block Block of Diamond
Crafting Table JE1 BE1.png 58 3A crafting_table Crafting Table
Wheat Age 7 JE6 BE1.png 59 3B wheat Wheat I S
Farmland JE3 BE3.png 60 3C farmland Farmland S
Furnace (S) JE3.png 61 3D furnace Furnace S E
Lit Furnace (S) JE4.png 62 3E lit_furnace Lit Furnace S E
Oak Sign (0) JE2.png 63 3F standing_sign Standing Sign I S E
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Oak Door JE5.png 64 40 wooden_door Oak Door I S
Ladder (S) JE2 BE1.png 65 41 ladder Ladder S
Rail (NS) JE2 BE1.png 66 42 rail Rail S
Cobblestone Stairs (N) JE4 BE5.png 67 43 stone_stairs Cobblestone Stairs S
Oak Wall Sign (S) JE1 BE1.png 68 44 wall_sign Wall Sign I S E
Wall Lever (S) JE3.png 69 45 lever Lever S
Stone Pressure Plate JE3 BE1.png 70 46 stone_pressure_plate Stone Pressure Plate S
Iron Door JE3.png 71 47 iron_door Iron Door I S
Oak Pressure Plate JE3 BE1.png 72 48 wooden_pressure_plate Wooden Pressure Plate S
Redstone Ore JE1 BE1.png 73 49 redstone_ore Redstone Ore
Redstone Ore JE1 BE1.png 74 4A lit_redstone_ore Glowing Redstone Ore
Unlit Redstone Torch JE1 BE1.png 75 4B unlit_redstone_torch Unlit Redstone Torch S
Redstone Torch JE1 BE1.png 76 4C redstone_torch Redstone Torch S
Stone Wall Button (S) JE3.png 77 4D stone_button Stone Button S
Snow (layers 1) JE2 BE2.png 78 4E snow_layer Snow (layer) S B
Ice JE1 BE1.png 79 4F ice Ice
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Snow Block JE1 BE1.png 80 50 snow Snow
Cactus JE2 BE1.png 81 51 cactus Cactus S
Clay JE1 BE1.png 82 52 clay Clay
Sugar Cane JE2 BE2.png 83 53 reeds Sugar Cane I S
Jukebox JE1 BE1.png 84 54 jukebox Jukebox S E
Oak Fence (EW) JE3.png 85 55 fence Oak Fence
Carved Pumpkin (S) JE2.png 86 56 pumpkin Pumpkin S
Netherrack JE2 BE1.png 87 57 netherrack Netherrack
Soul Sand JE1 BE1.png 88 58 soul_sand Soul Sand
Glowstone JE2 BE1.png 89 59 glowstone Glowstone
Nether Portal (EW) JE5.png 90 5A portal Portal N
Jack o'Lantern (S) JE2.png 91 5B lit_pumpkin Jack o'Lantern S
Cake JE3 BE1.png 92 5C cake Cake I S
Redstone Repeater (S) JE4 BE1.png 93 5D unpowered_repeater Redstone Repeater I S
Powered Redstone Repeater (S) JE7.png 94 5E powered_repeater Powered Redstone Repeater I S
White Stained Glass JE2 BE2.png 95 5F stained_glass Stained Glass S B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Oak Trapdoor (D) JE3.png 96 60 trapdoor Oak Trapdoor S
Stone JE4.png 97 61 monster_egg Monster Egg S B
Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png 98 62 stonebrick Stone Bricks S B
Brown Mushroom Block (ESU) JE1 BE1.png 99 63 brown_mushroom_block Brown Mushroom Block S
Red Mushroom Block (ESU) JE1 BE1.png 100 64 red_mushroom_block Red Mushroom Block S
Iron Bars (EW) JE2.png 101 65 iron_bars Iron Bars
Glass Pane (EW) JE3.png 102 66 glass_pane Glass Pane
Melon JE1 BE1.png 103 67 melon_block Melon
Stem Age 7 JE6.png 104 68 pumpkin_stem Pumpkin Stem S
Stem Age 7 JE6.png 105 69 melon_stem Melon Stem S
Vines (N) JE1.png 106 6A vine Vines S
Oak Fence Gate (EW) JE2.png 107 6B fence_gate Fence Gate S
Brick Stairs (N) JE4 BE1.png 108 6C brick_stairs Brick Stairs S
Stone Brick Stairs (N) JE3 BE1.png 109 6D stone_brick_stairs Stone Brick Stairs S
Mycelium JE1 BE1.png 110 6E mycelium Mycelium
Lily Pad JE1 BE1.png 111 6F waterlily Lily Pad
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Nether Bricks JE1 BE1.png 112 70 nether_brick Nether Brick
Nether Brick Fence (EW) JE1 BE1.png 113 71 nether_brick_fence Nether Brick Fence
Nether Brick Stairs (N) JE3 BE1.png 114 72 nether_brick_stairs Nether Brick Stairs S
Nether Wart Age 3 JE6 BE2.png 115 73 nether_wart Nether Wart I S
Enchanting Table JE1 BE1.png 116 74 enchanting_table Enchanting Table E
Brewing Stand (empty) JE5.png 117 75 brewing_stand Brewing Stand I S E
Cauldron JE7.png 118 76 cauldron Cauldron I S
End Portal.png 119 77 end_portal End Portal E
End Portal Frame (S) JE6 BE3.png 120 78 end_portal_frame End Portal Frame S
End Stone JE3 BE2.png 121 79 end_stone End Stone
Dragon Egg JE4.png 122 7A dragon_egg Dragon Egg
Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.png 123 7B redstone_lamp Redstone Lamp (inactive)
Lit Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.png 124 7C lit_redstone_lamp Redstone Lamp (active)
Oak Planks JE4 BE2.png 125 7D double_wooden_slab Double Wooden Slab S B
Oak Slab JE5 BE2.png 126 7E wooden_slab Wooden Slab S B
Cocoa Age 2 (S) JE5.png 127 7F cocoa Cocoa I S
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Sandstone Stairs (N) JE6 BE3.png 128 80 sandstone_stairs Sandstone Stairs S
Emerald Ore JE4 BE3.png 129 81 emerald_ore Emerald Ore
Ender Chest.png 130 82 ender_chest Ender Chest S E
Tripwire Hook (S) JE6 BE2.png 131 83 tripwire_hook Tripwire Hook S
Tripwire.png 132 84 tripwire Tripwire I S
Block of Emerald JE4 BE3.png 133 85 emerald_block Block of Emerald
Spruce Stairs (N) JE5 BE2.png 134 86 spruce_stairs Spruce Stairs S
Birch Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 135 87 birch_stairs Birch Stairs S
Jungle Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 136 88 jungle_stairs Jungle Stairs S
Impulse Command Block JE5 BE2.png 137 89 command_block Command Block E
Beacon JE6 BE2.png 138 8A beacon Beacon E
Cobblestone Wall JE2 BE2.png 139 8B cobblestone_wall Cobblestone Wall S B
Flower Pot JE3.png 140 8C flower_pot Flower Pot I S E
Carrots Age 7 JE9.png 141 8D carrots Carrots I S
Potatoes Age 7 JE8.png 142 8E potatoes Potatoes I S
Oak Button (S) JE4.png 143 8F oak_button Oak Button S
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Skeleton Skull (8).png 144 90 skull Mob head I S E
Anvil (N) JE3.png 145 91 anvil Anvil S B
Trapped Chest.png 146 92 trapped_chest Trapped Chest S E
Light Weighted Pressure Plate JE3 BE2.png 147 93 light_weighted_pressure_plate Light Weighted Pressure Plate S
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate JE2 BE2.png 148 94 heavy_weighted_pressure_plate Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate S
Redstone Comparator (S) JE4.png 149 95 unpowered_comparator Redstone Comparator I S
Powered Redstone Comparator (S) JE4.png 150 96 powered_comparator Redstone Comparator (deprecated) S
Daylight Detector JE1 BE1.png 151 97 daylight_detector Daylight Detector E
Block of Redstone JE2 BE2.png 152 98 redstone_block Block of Redstone
Nether Quartz Ore JE3 BE2.png 153 99 quartz_ore Nether Quartz Ore
Hopper (D) JE8.png 154 9A hopper Hopper S E
Block of Quartz JE4 BE2.png 155 9B quartz_block Block of Quartz S B
Quartz Stairs (N) JE3.png 156 9C quartz_stairs Quartz Stairs S
Activator Rail (NS) JE2 BE2.png 157 9D activator_rail Activator Rail S
Dropper (S) JE3.png 158 9E dropper Dropper S E
White Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 159 9F stained_hardened_clay Terracotta S B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
White Stained Glass Pane JE3 BE2.png 160 A0 stained_glass_pane Stained Glass Pane S B
Oak Leaves JE3 BE4.png 161 A1 leaves2 Leaves (Acacia/Dark Oak) S B
Acacia Log.png 162 A2 log2 Wood (Acacia/Dark Oak) S B
Acacia Stairs.png 163 A3 acacia_stairs Acacia Stairs S
Dark Oak Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 164 A4 dark_oak_stairs Dark Oak Stairs S
Slime Block JE2 BE3.png 165 A5 slime Slime Block
Barrier (held) JE2 BE2.png 166 A6 barrier Barrier
Iron Trapdoor JE3 BE2.png 167 A7 iron_trapdoor Iron Trapdoor S
Prismarine JE2 BE2.png 168 A8 prismarine Prismarine S B
Sea Lantern JE1 BE1.png 169 A9 sea_lantern Sea Lantern
Hay Bale (UD) JE2 BE2.png 170 AA hay_block Hay Bale S
White Carpet.png 171 AB carpet Carpet S B
Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 172 AC hardened_clay Terracotta
Block of Coal JE3 BE2.png 173 AD coal_block Block of Coal
Packed Ice JE2 BE3.png 174 AE packed_ice Packed Ice
Sunflower JE2 BE2.png 175 AF double_plant Large Flowers S B
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Free-standing Banner (Small).png 176 B0 standing_banner Standing Banner I S E
Wall-mounted Banner (Small).png 177 B1 wall_banner Wall Banner I S E
Inverted Daylight Detector JE1 BE1.png 178 B2 daylight_detector_inverted Inverted Daylight Detector E
Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png 179 B3 red_sandstone Red Sandstone S B
Red Sandstone Stairs (N) JE4 BE2.png 180 B4 red_sandstone_stairs Red Sandstone Stairs S
Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png 181 B5 double_stone_slab2 Double Red Sandstone Slab S
Red Sandstone Slab JE4 BE2.png 182 B6 stone_slab2 Red Sandstone Slab S
Spruce Fence Gate JE4 BE2.png 183 B7 spruce_fence_gate Spruce Fence Gate
Birch Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 184 B8 birch_fence_gate Birch Fence Gate
Jungle Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 185 B9 jungle_fence_gate Jungle Fence Gate
Dark Oak Fence Gate JE3 BE2.png 186 BA dark_oak_fence_gate Dark Oak Fence Gate
Acacia Fence Gate.png 187 BB acacia_fence_gate Acacia Fence Gate
Spruce Fence JE4 BE2.png 188 BC spruce_fence Spruce Fence
Birch Fence JE3 BE2.png 189 BD birch_fence Birch Fence
Jungle Fence JE3 BE2.png 190 BE jungle_fence Jungle Fence
Dark Oak Fence JE3 BE2.png 191 BF dark_oak_fence Dark Oak Fence
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Acacia Fence JE3 BE2.png 192 C0 acacia_fence Acacia Fence
Spruce Door JE4.png 193 C1 spruce_door Spruce Door I S
Birch Door JE4.png 194 C2 birch_door Birch Door I S
Jungle Door JE5.png 195 C3 jungle_door Jungle Door I S
Acacia Door JE5.png 196 C4 acacia_door Acacia Door I S
Dark Oak Door JE4.png 197 C5 dark_oak_door Dark Oak Door I S
End Rod (U) JE2 BE2.png 198 C6 end_rod End Rod
Chorus Plant JE2 BE2.png 199 C7 chorus_plant Chorus Plant
Chorus Flower JE2 BE2.png 200 C8 chorus_flower Chorus Flower
Purpur Block JE2 BE2.png 201 C9 purpur_block Purpur Block
Purpur Pillar (UD) JE3 BE2.png 202 CA purpur_pillar Purpur Pillar
Purpur Stairs (N) JE2 BE2.png 203 CB purpur_stairs Purpur Stairs
Purpur Block JE2 BE2.png 204 CC purpur_double_slab Purpur Double Slab
Purpur Slab JE2 BE2.png 205 CD purpur_slab Purpur Slab
End Stone Bricks JE2 BE2.png 206 CE end_bricks End Stone Bricks
Beetroots Age 3 JE3.png 207 CF beetroots Beetroot Seeds
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Dirt Path JE2 BE2.png 208 D0 grass_path Grass Path
End Gateway JE2 BE1.png 209 D1 end_gateway End Gateway
Repeating Command Block JE4 BE2.png 210 D2 repeating_command_block Repeating Command Block E
Chain Command Block JE3 BE2.png 211 D3 chain_command_block Chain Command Block E
Ice JE2 BE3.png 212 D4 frosted_ice Frosted Ice S
Magma Block JE2 BE2.png 213 D5 magma Magma Block
Nether Wart Block JE3.png 214 D6 nether_wart_block Nether Wart Block
Red Nether Bricks JE3 BE2.png 215 D7 red_nether_brick Red Nether Brick
Bone Block (UD) JE2 BE2.png 216 D8 bone_block Bone Block
Structure Void (item) JE2.png 217 D9 structure_void Structure Void
Observer JE4 BE3.png 218 DA observer Observer
White Shulker Box.png 219 DB white_shulker_box White Shulker Box
Orange Shulker Box.png 220 DC orange_shulker_box Orange Shulker Box
Magenta Shulker Box.png 221 DD magenta_shulker_box Magenta Shulker Box
Light Blue Shulker Box.png 222 DE light_blue_shulker_box Light Blue Shulker Box
Yellow Shulker Box.png 223 DF yellow_shulker_box Yellow Shulker Box
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Lime Shulker Box.png 224 E0 lime_shulker_box Lime Shulker Box
Pink Shulker Box.png 225 E1 pink_shulker_box Pink Shulker Box
Gray Shulker Box.png 226 E2 gray_shulker_box Gray Shulker Box
Light Gray Shulker Box.png 227 E3 silver_shulker_box Light Gray Shulker Box
Cyan Shulker Box.png 228 E4 cyan_shulker_box Cyan Shulker Box
Purple Shulker Box.png 229 E5 purple_shulker_box Purple Shulker Box
Blue Shulker Box.png 230 E6 blue_shulker_box Blue Shulker Box
Brown Shulker Box.png 231 E7 brown_shulker_box Brown Shulker Box
Green Shulker Box.png 232 E8 green_shulker_box Green Shulker Box
Red Shulker Box.png 233 E9 red_shulker_box Red Shulker Box
Black Shulker Box.png 234 EA black_shulker_box Black Shulker Box
White Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 235 EB white_glazed_terracotta White Glazed Terracotta
Orange Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 236 EC orange_glazed_terracotta Orange Glazed Terracotta
Magenta Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 237 ED magenta_glazed_terracotta Magenta Glazed Terracotta
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 238 EE light_blue_glazed_terracotta Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
Yellow Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 239 EF yellow_glazed_terracotta Yellow Glazed Terracotta
Icon Dec Hex Resource location Block
Lime Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 240 F0 lime_glazed_terracotta Lime Glazed Terracotta
Pink Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 241 F1 pink_glazed_terracotta Pink Glazed Terracotta
Gray Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 242 F2 gray_glazed_terracotta Gray Glazed Terracotta
Light Gray Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 243 F3 silver_glazed_terracotta Light Gray Glazed Terracotta
Cyan Glazed Terracotta JE2 BE2.png 244 F4 cyan_glazed_terracotta Cyan Glazed Terracotta
Purple Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 245 F5 purple_glazed_terracotta Purple Glazed Terracotta
Blue Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 246 F6 blue_glazed_terracotta Blue Glazed Terracotta
Brown Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 247 F7 brown_glazed_terracotta Brown Glazed Terracotta
Green Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 248 F8 green_glazed_terracotta Green Glazed Terracotta
Red Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 249 F9 red_glazed_terracotta Red Glazed Terracotta
Black Glazed Terracotta JE1 BE1.png 250 FA black_glazed_terracotta Black Glazed Terracotta
White Concrete.png 251 FB concrete Concrete S
White Concrete Powder.png 252 FC concrete_powder Concrete Powder S
253 FD (unused)
254 FE (unused)
Structure Block Save JE2 BE1.png 255 FF structure_block Structure Block S E