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A version of Minecraft Infdev was released on June 24, 2010.[1]


  • A black vignette around the screen in dark areas.
  • Rideable minecarts that can't be opened.
  • Lagometer that appears when holding F6.
Debug screen
  • Added second "E" value.
    • Displays number of empty chunk sections which may be skipped due to not yet being loaded and rendered, or has nothing to draw in the current render pass; all render passes are counted.



Rail (NS) JE1 Rails
  • Tweaked rail laying code.
Oak Door (Right) JE4 BE1 Door
  • Right sided doors now use the textures of left-sided doors but mirrored.


Minecart (item) JE2 BE1 Minecart
  • Item texture changed from Minecart (item) JE1


White Sheep JE1 Sheep
  • Now drop white cloth White Wool JE1 BE1 instead of gray.


  • New save format.
    • (made world files huge)
  • New crash report screen.
  • World generation tweaked to make mountains less tall, mainly to avoid mountains getting cut off by the height limit.
  • Fancy clouds no longer use the Fluff (texture) JE1 fluff.png texture, rendering it unused.
  • Changed button "Quit Game" to "Save and quit to title"



Water Spawner Water Spawner
Lava Spawner Lava Spawner
  • Removed all cloth colors except white.
    • The block ID previously used for Light Gray Cloth JE2 light gray cloth is now used for white cloth, meaning that white cloth (ID 36) has technically been removed as well in some sense.
  • Removed right door graphics.


  • Removed the "Change world..." button from the pause menu.


  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed crashes.


  • When turning on a minecart track while riding a minecart, the camera turns in the opposite direction of the minecart (e.g. minecart turns left, the camera turns right).
  • Minecarts have unopenable ghost chests in them.
  • This is the version that introduces the famous far lands jitter effect (see Java Edition distance effects/Historical effects for more info).
  • Chunks sometimes don't save.



  1. Here's a review of something I recently bought – The Word of Notch, June 25, 2010