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Another version of Minecraft Infdev was released on June 17, 2010.




  • Flowing water that touches flowing lava creates cobblestone, which makes it renewable.
  • Flowing water that touches standing lava turns the lava into obsidian.

World generation[]

  • Improved caves
    • Caves are even more regional, with lava areas being possible but rare.
    • Springs, both water and lava, are more common.
    • Increased variety in tunnel thickness, increasing the odds of branches.
    • Added natural gravel and dirt underground for more varied caves.
  • Surface springs.



  • Layer 0 can now have blocks placed in it.
  • Ladders are no longer destroyed by water.

World generation[]

  • Ores:
    • Prior to this version, all ores were generated with a random amount of veins regardless to the type of ore.
  • Lava springs don't spread.
  • Water flows nicer.
  • Made massive tweaks to the pending tile tick logic (used for liquids and fire), quite possibly fixing a crash bug.
  • Bedrock now generates on the bottom of maps.[verify]
  • Removed the infinite lava sea from under the world (removed when updating, replaces layer 0 with the void).


  • Pressing F5 results in water particles surrounding the player which has been in the game since Indev.


  • Fixed a few bugs in liquid spreading code.
  • Fixed a bug where logs would not generate inside of the tops of trees.
  • Fixed invisible waterfalls.